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[Story] Deadly desire – S01 E08

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Nosa’s mouth refused to close as he looked at the mansion Nicole lives. He looked at the piece of paper again to make sure he was at the right address. He scratched his head then whistles.

“I am not sure Uyi gave me the right address”

He brought out his phone and dialled Uyi’s line but Uyi didn’t answer the call. He summoned courage and knocked on the gate. The security man didn’t make things easy as he kept glaring at him.

“Who are you looking for? He asked harshly.

“I…I… don’t be offended. I am looking for the owner of the house” He stammered.

“Is she expecting you ”

“No….em…. no sir” He stammered again.

“Wait here”

The security man locked the gate and went inside then returned.

“What is your name?”

“Nosakhare, Nosa for short”

He went inside then returned again.

“Come in”

Nosa’s palms were sweaty and he kept rubbing them. He was still stunned that Nicole lives in such mansion. He looked at the cars and shook his head in disbelief.

“This is not ordinary” He said aloud.

“You say?”

“Nothing! This place is exquisite”

Nosa wasn’t aware that Nicole was watching him.

The maid opened the door for Nosa while the security man returned to his post. Nosa stared practically at everything. He was expecting to see Nicole waiting for him but nothing like that happened. The maid didn’t offer him a seat neither drink. She just told him the madam of the house will soon be downstairs and excused herself. He looked at the chairs, too comfortable to seat. His heart thud.

Memories began to rush in. He began to wish Uyi was with him. Uyi has a way of assuring him even when all isn’t well. Nosa left home so early without food. Not that food wasn’t served but the excitement of meeting Nicole after many years would not allow him recognize that there was food. Now his stomach started rumbling. He wished for a glass of water to quench the pangs of hunger threatening him.

“Good morning Nosa” a beautiful voice greeted.

He swirl round and saw Nicole coming down the stair.

“Goo….od morning Nicole”

“Why are you standing. I expected you to have settled on one of the chairs” She said cheerfully, “please sit”.

Nicole called the maid and requested for drinks to be served. Quickly, she returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Nosa swallowed hard in his seat. He concluded in his heart that indeed Nicole was swimming in money. Everything about the house and the wine oozes money.

“I am sorry I have to come this way. You know it’s been a long time and the circumstances with which we….”

“Don’t mention Nosa, whatever happened in the past remains in the past. Let’s forget about all…”

“No! I can’t pretend. I am sorry for the betrayal. I am sorry that I had to stop your education abruptly”

Nicole looked at him and laughed. Nosa had not changed, she thought. Always quick to apologize even when he is not at fault.

“Yes, you stopped paying my school fees. I completed my education. Anyway, that is a story for another day”

Nosa served wine for himself and Nicole. As he sip the wine, he thought of so many things. Nicole was no longer that 22 years old girl any longer. She is now mature, elegant and commands wealth.

“Uyi told me things are not moving well for you”

“Em..em…yes. Things are rough and tough” He said dropping his glass on the glassy table

“Tell me everything”

Nosa narrated how he was sacked from his job, how he has been searching for job since then. He told her how lack of fund has prevented his rent to be paid and his children home instead of school. Now, the landlord has sent them packing and he is squatting with Uyi. Nicole listened and was carried away for a time. She sighed deeply.

“I have a house not far from this one, would you like to see it” She said.


“When Uyi presented your matter to me, I thought of ways to help you. I don’t want to impose anything on you. I have businesses around. Would you like to be my personal assistant? You will help me go around and monitor”

“Sure!” Nosa shouted “I would love to”

“Don’t worry about salary, I will pay you handsomely” She told him. “I will take care of your wardrobe, transport, feeding allowances”

“Aaah! After what I did to you, just like that?”

He thanked Nicole profusely. He was expecting her to be furious but she didn’t show any sign to suggest she was angry. Nosa went on his knees to apologize again.

“No, no! You don’t need to do that, I have forgiven you”

So he sat there and they reminisce on their past. Then she told him the type of business she was into. Nosa was excited.

Nicole went in and returned to the sitting room dressed in a T – shirt and a blue jean trouser.

“I want you to see the house I spoke of. If you don’t like it, then we can drive to Ajah. I have two houses there”

Nosa was too shocked to respond. Both of them came out.

Eghosa was already in the car waiting for them. Nicole had briefed him on her destination. Nosa eyed the driver but shut his mouth. His clothing was expensive. This guy must be collecting so much from Nicole. All these are about to change, for he was already Nicole’s Personal Assistant.

Eghosa drove for about twenty minutes then parked the car beside a house. It was a newly built house. No one was living there. It was a two bedroom. Nosa surveyed the house and smiled sheepishly.

“Do you like it”

“Of course I do Nicole”

“Alright, give me a week to put this place in order. Let me furnish this place. I want you and your family to be comfortable”.

Nosa was too overwhelmed.

“Oh Nicole. Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. Life is too short to waste on anger and hatred. What happened in the past should not stopped me from assisting you. Please resume next week Monday” She told him.

Nosa ran and hugged Eghosa because he was happy.

“God is too merciful” He said.

On his way home, he could not stop whistling. He entered a shopping mall and did a little shopping. When he was about to leave, Nicole asked for his bank details and then transferred eighty thousand naira into his account and counted fifteen thousand naira cash for him.

Nosa entered an eatery and treated himself nicely before going to Uyis house.

After dinner, he gathered his family and told them he had gotten a job in a big company owned by a woman.

“Aaah God, na you get power pass. See the way you make me laugh this night” Itohan said going on her knees.

“Stand up Itohan, you will not suffer again. I will make sure sey I give you everything wey you ask.

Itohan laughed.

“Na how much be the salary wey you wan take do everything for me sef?”

“Relax! I want you to trust me. I go change your clothes, open big shop for you and make sure sey the children go better school.

Itohan was happy. For the first time in months, she hugged her husband and wouldn’t let go. Her two children smiled shyly and gathered round their parents. Nosa dragged Uyi outside and gisted him everything.

“I told you she will assist you. Tell your wife the company you are working rented and furnished it for you”


“Let’s go out and drink”

Uyi drove to his favourite joint and Nosa treated him to several bottles of drink. By the time they would leave the bar, Uyi was drunk. Nosa who was not too keen about drinking drove Uyi home.

Before he slept, he told Itohan that soon they would be leaving Uyi’s house.

“The company where I got a job is planning to get an accommodation for us”

“Enh enh”

“Not only that, they will furnish it”

Itohan stood up from the bed and started dancing, while Nosa watched her and laughed.

“I will spoil you with money” He promised her

He brought out his trouser and brought out some money.

“Take this money go do your hair, e don too rough”

Itohan collected the money.

“Na where you get money”

“I borrow am from Uyi, when I receive salary I go pay am”

“Abeg I go manage my hair like this. Salary wey you never collect, you don they borrow”.