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[Story] Deadly desire – S01 E03

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Uyi drove straight to Nosa house. It was dark when he parked his car beside his compound. The street was dark to signify that Nepa had struck. Few people could be seen walking in the street. Uyi walked into the compound. Nosa and his family sat outside taking fresh air and gisting. He exchanged pleasantries with them and Nosa’s son quickly gave his seat to Uyi but he declined.

“I don’t want to seat oo”. I just came to say hello to you” He said smiling.

Nosa stood up and followed him to where he parked his car.

“How is everything?” He asked.

“Fine o”

“Is the landlord still threatening you?”

“He was here today”


Nosa folds his hands and rested his body on the car.

“Did you give a thought to my advise last time?”

“Frankly Uyi, there is nothing to think about. I am a married man and I have children, besides I love my wife.

Uyi laughed and rested his body on the car beside Nosa.

“See my friend, I don’t like the condition you are in! I don’t like it. You are handicap right now. I am sure you’re not disturbed by the fact that your children are not going to school”.

“Who told you I am not disturbed. I die a thousand death with my incapability to send my kids to school or feed them properly”.

“If you are disturbed Nosa, you will do something about it”.

Nosa started tapping his feet noiselessly on the ground. He remembered the way he parted with Nicole, then he shook his head sadly.

“Listen! I am not suggesting you leave Itohan, stay married to her, but use Nicole to get out of poverty. Let this be a game, play it and win”.

Nosa would not say anything. He kept shaking his leg.

“Itohan doesn’t need to know you are cheating. Goodnight my friend” He said tapping Nosa on his shoulder”.

Nosa said nothing but watched Uyi entered his car and drove away. He stood there for a long time before returning to his wife and children.


Nicole switched off the television and lights in the sitting room and then instructed the maid to get her a cup of green tea. She does not miss it. Gently, she climbed the stair to her room. She had not sat before the maid entered with her request. She thanked her and bade her goodnight. She took a sip from the cup and dropped it on the tray.

Nicole closed her eyes and began recurring her conversation with Uyi. She frowned and took another sip. Her mind began to wander to event that happened years ago.

She had met Nosa in her uncle’s house. Her uncle was having a house warming and there she met him. They became friends. Nosa was just a young man of about 26 years who had graduated and gotten a job in a new generation bank. He was well to do.

Their relationship blossomed. She had introduced him to her parents and siblings. She was just 21 and her parents had no intention of sending her to school to further her education due to limited funds. They had been in a relationship for a year before he eventually introduced her to his parents. Nosa’s parents acted in such a way that she was not welcome in the family. She didn’t allow that disturb her. She would visit him and started playing the role of a wife. When their attitude became glaring, she encouraged him to move out of his parents house.

“You can’t be thinking of marriage and still be in your parents house. I am not comfortable visiting” She told him.

Nosa got an accommodation and moved out. In his absence, she would wash, cook and even spend the night there. Weekends, she was there to do the laundry and cook.

The money she saved she would buy lace or Ankara and they would sew clothes. Most people thought they were married. She knew all Nosa’s friends. The only problem was Nosa’s parents.

“What is my offence Nosa, your parents don’t like me” She asked so worried.

“I don’t know”

“Am I not beautiful enough. Am I not good enough”

“You are everything Nicole”

“What should I do for them to accept me”

“Nothing! Just be yourself. With time you will be accepted”.

Nicole started making extra effort to impress Nosa’s parents. She would call them to ask of their welfare. She hoped they would love her and change their attitudes. She love Nosa and it was glaring. She would be the first to send him love message and call him. Out of the money he gives to her, she would save and buy him things. She really loved him.

“I want you to go to school” He told her one day after he returned from work.

“But my parents can’t afford the fee”

“Trust me, I will sponsor you”

Nicole could not believe it. She screamed for joy and jumped on him. The excitement was too much.

“Whatever it takes, let me know”

Nicole got admission into one of the universities and this gladdened Nosa’s heart. He was earning good salary and sending her to school was not a big deal. He rented an apartment, bought all the necessary things she needed for school. Nicole spent the night in Nosa’s house because she was to leave for school the next day.

She wouldn’t allow him sleep.

“Do you love me?” She kept asking.

“You know I do”

“But you aren’t showing me love”

“How?” He asked.

She sat up and frowned deeply.

“I am going to school tomorrow and you haven’t touched me. Since we started this relationship, you have not touched me”

Nosa laughed and sat up too.

” We have been together for more than a year now and no sex. You don’t like me” She concluded.

“Come on Nicole, I love you. Sex is not a yardstick for measurement of love. I will not touch you until we are married. I won’t!. Sleep, you have a long day tomorrow”.

She was worried but satisfied with Nosa’s response. She picked her phone and started surfing the net, while Nosa snored lightly on the bed.

Nicole opened her eyes, heaved a sigh, sipped more tea, dropped the tea cup gently on the table. She climbed the bed and her mind travelled again. She has spent two years in school, when she noticed that Nosa no longer call her or reply to any of her messages. When she calls, he would busy her call. Nicole became worried

“What could the problem be?” She would ask herself.

She would call his parents and observe whether their response would hint if Nosa is in any form of trouble. She began to panic.

Immediately after writing her test, she boarded a bus back to Lagos. She returned late but Nosa was not home. Even though it was late, she ran to a shop nearby and bought little foodstuff. She cooked and waited for him to come back from work.