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[Story] Attitude meets Arrogance – S01 E01

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Ciara’s POV

I lazily got off my bed, one look at the mirror, my head was just as bad.

I splashed some water on my face to feel refreshing and bitterly wished I could wash my brains free from toxins…

I don’t drink much but yesterday I couldn’t help it.

Yesterday was supposed to be the best day of my life, I was finally graduating from college but things didn’t go as I expected..

I thought my dad would forgive me for changing my course from engineering to fashion designing without his consent after he saw I got first class honours but an African dad is an African dad.

All I received was a hot slap and disownership. Yeah let me spell it out loud My dad disowned me when he found out that being a celebrity designer was not only a part time job but something I planned to do all my life.

You know with African parents, they want you to fulfill their dreams without minding of what you want..

. But my parents didn’t get that liberty cause nobody controls my life apart from me.

Read ” Binded by friendship ” by the same author ( Fideh Mwangi )

. My life my rules.

And don’t ask if I feel bad??? Yes i do but sh-t happens and all I have to do now is move on and focus on my career.

I retreated under the duvet trying to call David for the tenth time now but he wasn’t picking up

. When I don’t need him, he keep following me like a dog but when I need some hugs and cuddles he is nowhere to be found…

I slept till late afternoon since I felt as if the blackest clouds over my head had no intention of clearing…

So I dragged myself up, took a quick shower and ransacked over my disorganised closet to find some descent thing to wear. I couldn’t tell if I had some clean clothes left since it had been a month when I did my laundry last. Yeah am disorganised, very disorganised.

It took like forever dressing up, my clothes were mixed up so I had to smell them up to find out which was clean which was not..

Finally I came across a clean pair of tights and a black crop crop… Shrugging, I took the bra I had worn yesterday from the floor, wore it, dressed myself up, put on my wig, a slight touch of lip gloss and I was good to go…

Max and Jane were watching an repeat episode of Selina in MaishaMagicEast, holding each other so close.

Who was Max and Jane??? They were my roommates and also my best friends. Don’t get things twisted, I live with them because I hate loneliness not because I can’t afford to live on my own.

“Hey lovebirds, I can’t believe you guys are watching this episode again???”

“I love Selina so much…” Max stated.

“And I love Biko alot…” Jane added acting all emotional…

“Okay, as for me I am heading to David’s house. That fool ain’t picking my calls…”

“Please be lenient with him, don’t let hell break loose…” Max wore a worried look

“I will try…”

When I arrived at David’s house, I could hear noises from the other side…

I just hope that son of a mother is not cheating on me because his next destination would be in hell…

I gathered all the courage I needed and knocked the door.

Guess, who opened??? A beautiful petite who had the guts to wear my favourite T-shirt..

My blood begun heating with rage and jealousy.

“And you are???” She asked chewing her gum very irritatingly..

“Excuse me???” I looked at her with burning reproachful eyes…

“Honey, you have a visitor..” She said turning around.

My head was calling all the catholic saints to forgive me for what I was to do next…

I pulled her by the hair and dragged her inside…

“Where is David???” I asked before throwing her on the floor..

“Baby, what’s wrong???” David came running with only a boxer on showing of his perfect body, wait my perfect body. It belonged to me..

“Baby???” I questioned disbelievingly.

“Ciara, what are you doing here???”

“You would have known I was coming if you had the nerve to pick up my phone fool…”

He begun stammering, scratching his head…

“David, what is this???”

He didn’t reply but helped the girl up and pushed her behind him…

“You are not going to answer me???” I took the flower vase beside me and threw it on the floor.

“I told you if I ever find out you were cheating on me I would kill you…”

I begun throwing tantrums and insults at him together with the pillows and everything that was around me…

“Ciara, calm down…It’s now what you think…”

“Not what I think, she is in your house and wearing my favourite T-shirt..” My anger was a scalding fury…

“But I will teach you two a lesson…” I threatening ready to pounce on her but David held me back…

“David, I want this girl out of here. I am your girlfriend..” I tried reminding him because it seemed he wasn’t sure who I was to him.

But he just held me back as I tried throwing kicks and slapping that girl but she was out of reach…

“Baby, go to the room. I will deal with this..” David shamelessly stated and the girl shamelessly nodded…

“You called her baby???” I murmured sadly dropping my hands off the air..

“Yes she is pregnant…”

I pushed him away and staggered back.

“I thought you understood why I didn’t want to have babies…”

“It’s not that, it’s her i love…”

“What about me??? What about us??? I thought we had a future…”

“I am sorry but I can’t keep up with your craziness…You are too crazy for me..”

I could feel tears burn behind my eyes but I wasn’t the kind to cry… I draw my sadness, sing my sadness and drink my sadness….

“I hate you…” I begun slapping his chest and trying so hard to bite him but the effort was meaningless….

“You are crazy, just get out…” David yelled pushing me out,” I don’t want to see you again..” He slammed the door on my face…

“I hope that baby dies…”

“I wish you two never be happy..”

I shouted behind the door and the next thing that followed was him throwing my things at me, “Just go…”