Sad! Massive Elephant Shot Dead By Local Hunter In Ogun |Photos

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Deep concerns have been raised and expressed by the Elephant Protection Initiative and some conservatives after a local hunter illegally shot dead a massive elephant in Ogun forest.

It is understood that this is the 4th Elephant that has been illegally shot dead in 2years.

According to the Elephant Protection Initiative, the Elephant was shot dead near a forest not far from Lagos. 

Sharing photos of the slain Elephant, The Elephant Protection Initiative wrote; ”Sad. Near Omo Forest, Ogun, not far from Lagos, 4th Elephant illegally shot dead in 2years. #Nigeria’s few elephants – c400- fast disappearing. (Elephant shot by local hunter- thode in pic not responsible”

Reacting to the news, concerned Nigerians talked about how the actions of these local hunters set back conservation efforts.

One Abubakar Adam Ibrahim tweeted, ‘‘4th Elephant killed near Omo Forest, close to Lagos, in 2years, setting back conservation efforts. These people celebrating this have no understanding of what they have done”

One The Owl Eye tweeted; ‘‘The Eye The Mind must view Beyond the Killing only. There are several factors that drive these killings. Authorities must balance (people, animals & socio-economic issues). CITES, CAMPFIRE need revisiting.”

One OWOLABI BIBITAYO AYOBAMI wrote; ”Too bad. My heart is saddened, for I don’t know when this anti-conservation act will end.”

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