Patience Ozokwor Biography

Patience Ozokwor otherwise known as Mama G, or G for General is a renowned Nigerian Nollywood actress, a television personality, fashion designer, and a musician.

Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor

I know you are interested in knowing more about this star. Her biography; early life, career, real age, whether or not she has a child. In fact, many people have continued to argue that Patience Ozokwor is very wicked. But, is she really wicked though?

Well, I understand this feeling that’s one of the major reasons I am writing this article; to keep you informed. To clear your doubts. You are not abnormal for ever feeling she is wicked or worst. It is a psychological thingy. I will tell you more about this soon enough. So, keep reading.

Patience Ozokwor is mostly known for playing wicked mother-in-law characters. Some other time, she plays wicked step-mother character. Frankly, Ozokwor has played more of these roles than anything. One would easily feel she is wicked as much as she is in movies in real life.

Plainly, most people usually feel Ozokwor is rather a wicked mother-in-law or step-mother in real life. This, in fact, is a thingy because she almost always plays these roles with expertise. Like, she is used to it. You know right? Cool.

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Over the years, researchers have argued that humans can’t imagine or unconsciously do what they detest even under duress. Frankly, this is a truth but not exactly the case here. I mean, it is and was just a movie role, you know.

So, this does not in any way represent Patience Ozokwor’s personae in reality. If you don’t know yet, is a very happy and compassionate woman of dignity. Currently, she is a born again Christian. Dedicated to serving humanity to the core.

Patience Ozokwor Early Life

Patience Ozokwor was born on March 25, 1958 in Ngwo, Enugu State. Enugu state is a state in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.

She attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School, Lagos, Nigeria before finally getting admitted into Methodist Girls School Yaba. Shortly, she relocated with her family to Enugu for safety. Notably, this was due to the Nigerian-Bịafran civil war.

After the war, Patience Ozokwor attended Teachers’ Training College, Afikpo. Later, she got admitted into the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. There, she studied Fine and Applied Arts. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons she is fashion designer.

Patience Ozokwor Career

Patience Ozokwor started acting at a very young age; not exactly as a Nollywood actress though. She started reading novels at an early age. Mainly, her uncle bought and made her read novels even when she couldn’t understand whatever she read.

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This didn’t stop here. Ozokwor, later joined the Takwa Bay Children’s Club. There, she mixed and socialize with other children, getting more exposure. Also, this exposed her to the beautiful world of Literature, which, of a fact molded her acting skills.

Patience Ozokwor had worked as an announcer at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Enugu. Before then, she taught for four years.

Being a go-getter, when the FRCN shut down, Patience strategized. She became a petty trader. While at FRCN, she took part actively in radio theatres and other media entertaining activities.

While doing her trading, Patience met with Chika Okpala who assigned her in a role in a commercial. In fact, she played her role so well that Chika had to wonder. Plainly, she wasn’t auditioned, and this is enough reason.

Again, Patience featured in a soap opera, “someone cares.” Later, she bagged her first movie role which brought her to the limelight. In fact, her expertise in playing her role in “Someone cares” gave her this recognition.

She rose to prominence after playing a role in the movie “Authority” in 1999. This, of course, was her second movie.

Some of her Movies 

Patience has acted more than 100 movies since she started her career two decades ago. These among others are some of her movies.

  1. Blood Sister (2003)
  2. Turning Point (2012)
  3. 2 Rats (2003)
  4. Dry My Tears
  5. Heart of a Slave
  6. Chief Daddy
  7. Ukwa
  8. Mr Trouble
  9. Alice My First Lady
  10. Lionheart
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Her Music

You are probably surprised to see a list of Mama G’s songs. Oh yes. I know you are. She is a songwriter and a musician. These among others are some of her songs.

  1. Make We Jolly
  2. Ihe N’eme N’uwa
  3. National Moi Moi
  4. Adaeze
  5. Iyo Ngwo Ngwo

Patience Ozokwor Awards

Patience being a prominent figure in Nollywood and Nigeria as a whole has won to herself many awards. These among others are the awards

  1. Best Supporting Actress at the 10th African Movie Academy Awards (2012)
  2. Best Supporting Actress at the 10th Africa Movie Academy at Awards (2013)
  3. Honoured by the government to celebrate the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates.

Does Patience Ozokwor Have a Child

Yes, please. Patience does not only have a child. She has children. Patience was married at 19 and has three children; two sons and one daughter with her husband before he died in 2000. Their marriage lasted for more than two decades before death eventually separated them.

Patience Ozokwor has three biological, and five adopted children. In fact, he children have been able to give her 16 grandchildren. Expectedly, Patience is a proud and lovely grandma who spends premium time with her grand seeds.

Patience Ozokwor Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Patience is one of the most prominent Nollywood actress in Nigeria who’s been in the field for more than two decades. Her net worth is estimated at $500,000

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