Nigerians shall see better days again, PDP assures

By Henry Uche

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has assured Nigerians of better days ahead if they would choose political and economic leaders wisely no matter the inducement in the coming elections in Nigeria across board.

The Lagos State Chapter Chairman of the party, Engineer Deji Doherty gave this assurance in a town hall meeting over the weekend in Lagos, following the excruciating economic hardship staring Nigerians in the faces brought about by maladministration and mismanagement of public resources by political leaders both at States and federal level.

nigerians shall see better days again pdp assures
Engineer Deji Doherty

According to him, the worst mistake people could make was to choose wrong persons to be at the helm of affairs across board whose decisions and policies affects the fate of the people. He recalled that prior year 2015, Nigerians were not gnashing their teeth but now, the level of poverty in the country have become unbearable.

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“We understand perfectly the penury in the land and the reasons are not far fetched, howbeit, Nigerians shall see better days ahead if they would resist any form of inducement and intimidation from any person/s designed to buy their conscience, and if we choose leaders we can bank on to deliver every deliverables citizens deserve in a democratic setting.

“It’s good for people to make choices, then compare and contrast and make wiser decisions as it’s obvious today in the country. Nigerians have tested the PDP regime and this administration and others, now they can say without minscing words the difference between the right and wrong.

Doherty said unequivocally that the future of young people in the country especially in Lagos State is not only bleak but hopeless given the glaring hostile Socio-economic environment where businesses and corporate organizations are regrettably winding down due to illegal and Multiple taxes (unaccounted for) and other unfounded policies and decisions of the government.

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The party Chairman maintained that the Party would engage the federal government, National Assembly and INEC to fix every loophole in the electoral system, noting that so many persons and Parties have been victims of electoral flaws, systemic loopholes, structural weaknesses and other inadequacies in the electoral processes in the body polity of Nigeria.

He decried the level of socio-economic unrest in the country and the influx of young people into Lagos State, adding that, “Our Northern governors must fix their region and make it habitable for people to live comfortably and do their businesses, Lagos is getting over populated, making Life miserable especially the traffic congestion and other structural defects.

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“Howbeit, we are coming to make Life better for Lagosians and Nigeria at large as we are sure Nigerians would not make another terrible mistake in coming elections. This time, PDP is coming with healing balm and we shall most assuringly fix the power, health, education, social infrastructure and other critical sectors of the economy,” he asseverated.

He cautioned party members against infiltrators as 2023 beckons, called on women to get ready to maximize opportunities to pick up elective positions at any level of governance. “Our members must beware of hawks from other parties and resist any form of baits and facade emanating from deceivers. I believe Nigerians would not be cowed again by duplicitous rhetorics from lairs, nevertheless, Nigerians must see better days again, but the masses must not retreat from doing their bids wisely this time.

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