Netflix Series Lupin Overtakes Bridgerton And The Queen’s Gambit

netflix series lupin overtakes bridgerton and the queens gambit

Netflix Series Lupin Overtakes Bridgerton And The Queen’s Gambit

While The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton smashed records at the end of 2020 with over 60 million streams each in their first 28 days on Netflix, the new French series Lupin is quickly overtaking them.

The show, based on the novels by France’s Maurice LeBlanc, who created the character in 1905, looks to reach 70 million households by February 5, at which point it will have been available for a month.

The Queen’s Gambit was released on 23 October 2020 and reached 62 million viewers by the end of November. Bridgerton was released on Christmas Day and is projected to reach 63 million by the end of January.

Lupin, it seems, will smash this by a further 7 million. It has also become the first French series to land on Netflix’s Top 10 list, ranking No. 1 in the likes of Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland to name just a few.

Lupin stars Omar Sy in the lead role. His character is Assane Diop, someone who lives a life inspired by thief Arsène Lupin, of the LeBlanc novels.

The concept has been developed across various other film and TV formats over the years, including an animated series.

George Kay, one of the creatives responsible for Netflix’s Criminal UK and hit drama Killing Eve, has written the show, alongside François Uzan.

The story follows thief Diop, whose Senegal immigrant father is framed for the theft of an expensive diamond necklace by his employer, the wealthy and powerful Hubert Pellegrini, and hangs himself in his prison cell out of shame.

Years later, Diop, a teenager when his father died, sets out to get revenge on the Pellegrini family.

He turns to subterfuge and disguise, using the Lupin books as a benchmark, having been gifted them by his father when he was younger.

The original books from the early 20th Century have already seen a surge in renewed interest since the show arrived on Netflix, and reruns of the animated series are being shown on various channels across the world.

The series is also only half-released, with five episodes available and a further five expected to drop in the coming weeks.

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