My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update Starlife

My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update
My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update


My Identity Wednesday 17th March 2021 Update: On My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update, Neil seeing Avni at the door. He says you… She says no, my ghost. He says I don’t welcome ghosts. She says but you may welcome press. He asks her to come. She sees his house and says you stay alone. He wears his shirt and says you got my habit to question. She says I don’t get any of your habits.

He asks her to return the shirt. He says when I talk about police, why do you get speechless. She jokes at him. He says you answered everything, why did you come. She says Riya will never stay here, it’s a middle-class place. He says I can just afford this, I m a policeman, and Riya has to stay here.

She asks are you ready to get engaged. He asks did you come to ask this. She says Riya does not like a simple lifestyle. He asks since when do you know Riya. She says since much time. He asks her to sit. She says Riya likes black coffee. He says I m asking you. She says let’s see do you know making coffee, I know Riya, tell her about your lifestyle. He asks did you come to make our patch up. She says yes. He says I think you have come with other motives, I have a doubt that you are involved in all this, if you have the motive to break this marriage, I will not leave you. She says I m involved as Riya is my friend. He says very smartly, you got sense before drinking my coffee, I like it. She says the cheap line. He says I can’t afford costly things. She laughs. He gives her coffee. He says you are laughing but inner wounds are still fresh. She asks do you have a laugh detector along. He asks how did you like coffee. She looks at him.

He asks what do you think, you have stolen the bangles, you are Riya’s friends and can help so that Riya and my engagement happens. She says yes, I can help. He asks her to show proof. Shweta asks DD what’s happening in Neil’s life. DD says jungle girl was the last update, he was stuck in the jungle. Shweta says I know, what’s the matter, he did not come wearing the shirt. DD says the girl took his shirt. She asks what, tell me what you have seen, did she wear the shirt or held it. He says she has worn. She says how dare she, was she beautiful. DD says she had anger on her nose, like you. She says she had the courage to make Neil speechless.

My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update: Neil says we both want to sort this matter soon, we will see footage together, its footage of jewelry shop CCTV. She says we will see the footage, just imagine, you could not do anything, it’s 2 days now. He sees footage missing and checks again. She asks how did this happen in the police’s presence. He asks her to become a witness and tell what she has seen in a jewelry shop. Shweta comes there and sees them.

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She asks what were they doing here in a room, it’s good I had spare keys, what’s this Tillu, we were talking of engagement with Riya, and you are here doing this. He says stop being overdramatic, it’s nothing like that. She says stop your drama. She asks Avni how did she come here. Neil’s character is good, Riya’s engagement stopped and you came here, Neil is a one-woman army. Avni says I m not interested in him, I came for patch up. Shweta says what’s this, you know each other, you had fought and now patching up. Neil says she means to patch up between Riya’s family and us, she does not know you don’t stay with us.

Shweta says Avni did not apologize, she did my car accident also. He says Ananya may not say sorry. Shweta asks how do you know her name. Avni thinks they are going on another track. She says sorry, I came to say Dayaben invited you for holiday party, it’s not Dayaben’s mistake, we will unite again by forgetting everything, you know Dayaben’s family since a long time, we all want Neil and Riya’s engagement to happen, don’t know who did that, you should find out, your supercop Tillu will bring out the truth. Neil says just my mum can call me Tillu, for you, I m Neil.

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Avni says please give one chance to rectify the mistake, will you come in holi party. Shweta and Neil say we will come. Avni thanks them and says we will wait for you. Neil says I will go and drop. Shweta stops him. She asks him to go and bathe, I will drop her. Neil goes. Shweta asks Avni to come. Avni says Dayaben felt much worse, she insulted you, maybe she may not apologize, but it does not matter, Neil and Riya’s happiness matters. Shweta says fine, bye. She says the entire family has to apologize to me, Diksha was insulting me. Avni hears this and smiles.

My Identity Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update: Ali asks DD to explain about Mehta family. DD says Neil knows love well, he has also lost his love like you. Ali asks what happened to him. DD says I can’t tell you. He leaves. Avni tells Dayaben that she requested Shweta to come to holi party. Dayaben asks Diksha to see Ananya and learn, why saying sorry is necessary. Avni thinks Dayaben is disgusting to use family members. Dayaben asks Diksha to apologize and threatens her. Avni says we will call the same media to show that you make everyone repent for mistakes, even if its your daughter. Diksha says I will never apologize in front of everyone. Dayaben says it’s a good chance to call them. Avni smiles.


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