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“It’s cheaper and healthier than birth control” – American photographer advocates vasectomy as alternative to birth control for women

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In a bid to shed light on a very rare topic, American Photographer Bruce Thompson has taken to social media to share his recent vasectomy experience.
The father of multiple children underwent the procedure and wasted no time in expressing his thoughts on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

He revealed that the entire procedure lasted less than 30 minutes and described it as surprisingly painless.

Encouraged by his positive experience, he now urges men who have completed their families to consider vasectomy as a means to reduce the burden of birth control for women.
Notably, the procedure is reversible, offering couples the change they desire.
Speaking on the financial aspect, Thompson emphasized the cost-effectiveness of vasectomy when compared to women’s birth control methods.

He revealed the substantial amount women spend on birth control and the potential adverse effects it can have on their well-being.
“A vasectomy is cheaper, less expensive, and healthier than birth control for women,”
He also urged men to take responsibility and offer respite to their partners.
His advocacy for vasectomy has sparked conversations about reproductive choices and the need for men to actively participate in family planning.
As his story gains traction, many are intrigued by the notion of a simple, affordable, and reversible option that can help reduce the physical and financial burden on women.