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Government can deal with insurgents, bandits if it wants to – Political Analyst, Bakare

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A public commentator, Ahmed Bakare has said that except the federal and state governments want to deceive themselves, they can handle the insecurity in Nigeria, insisting that no individual in the whole world can be above the power of the government.

He lamented that it appears the bandits ravaging the entire north are more powerful than both the federal and state governments.

Bakare made the assertions during an exclusive interview with DAILY POST in Gusau, stressing that the rate of merciless killings and kidnappings in Zamfara State has become very unbearable.

He wondered how the government would fold its hands and watch people being slaughtered like Christmas fowls on a daily basis.

“Many non-indigenes who were residing in Zamfara State have relocated to other places due to banditry in the state” he lamented.

“There is no two ways about it that Zamfara state has become the colony of banditry in the whole of Africa”

According to him, the time is fast approaching when the common masses would revolt against the present government because of their inability to address the constant banditry activities in the state.

“The entire northerners revolted against former president Good Uck Jonathan because of the insecurity situation in the north and elected Buhari in 2015 but the insecurity situation in the north has gone beyond control”

Bakare lamented that the former Head of State, General Sani Abacha had been vindicated because he said if a crisis persists in a society for more than twenty-four hours, the government has an interest in the crisis.

The public commentator alleged that the government is interested in the crisis ravaging the entire country which is why the banditry activities refused to end especially in the north.

“Then who is fooling who? Is it the fools that are fooling the fools? Both the federal and state governments continued to waste public resources on banditry yet insecurity situation continues to increase on daily basis”