Joel Osteen Today 18th March 2021 Inspiration Message

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You are reading Today Thursday 18th March 2021 JoelOsteen Inspiring Message. Be inspired and be blessed as you read through.

He wrote;

Life will try to push you down; thoughts will whisper everything you’re not. You’re not as talented as your friend, you’re not as attractive as your coworker, you’re not as smart as your cousin. That’s okay. You’re not running their race. You don’t need what they have. If you needed it, God would have given it to you.

God knows how to vindicate you. He knows how to turn that problem around. Stay in faith. When you’re tempted to worry, turn it into worship. “Lord, thank You that You’re fighting my battles. Thank You that no weapon formed against me will prosper. Thank You that the enemy will fall into the trap they set for me.”

Be inspired by this message from Joel, “Unclutter Your Mind”.

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