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The episode begins with voiceover saying Todal mal got message and start a journey to agra. In amer, they get information that shivani is found and jalal forgave them and they are staying in agra. Bharmal says jalal may have forgiven but don’t expect me to do that. Jodha says she did mistake but she is your daughter, bharmal says daughters makes father proud, she cant be my daughter, meena says forget about the past.

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Bharmal says she brought shame to rajvanshi kingdom, I gave her everything but she ran away with some common man, jodha says jalal also forgave her now you too should do that. bharmal says I pray that she lives her life with peace, he leaves from there.

In a different scene, jodha is in her room, shehnaz comes there and says you are crying? jodha says you think my tears keep falling, shehnaz says for crying you don’t need tears, jodha ask what do you think I am crying for, shehnaz says that your love came here but you didn’t forgive him, jodha says I didn’t do that, shehnaz says you didn’t accept his apology. he is a good man he forgave your sister, jodha says don’t know how he did that as he doesn’t understand things about heart and love, shehnaz says animals also understand love and he is a man, jodha ask how do you know about love, she says because someone loved me too but I lost him, she says jalal loves you a lot, he has pain in his heart for you, Shehnaz says I know you love jalal but you never admit it.

In a different scene, Todal comes to agra, jalal is pleased to see him and says I called you to give you a position as the finance minister as there is corruption in money collection, Todal says I have no problem to do this but I have some conditions, I work in my style and I will not answer to anyone other than you, I will give reports to you only, jalal says I accept, adham fumes and says now hindus will be ministers of Mughals.

Other ministers gossips that first jalal married hindu lady, and now hindus are becoming ministers, they are taking place in palace, first maan singh then bharmal then tej now todal, sharif says then why are you people are quiet? Quazi says jalal reduced our right to speak in political matters, we can only speak in religious matter, adham says its all because of atgah, we have to do something.

In a different scene, jalal looks at moon and says jodha you are also missing me? are you also looking at the moon, he says people say king have everything but see me I cant bring you here, salima comes there and ask did I disturb you, jalal says no I was getting bored thanks you came, he ask will you drink, salima says you know I don’t drink, he says you also want to ask why I called todal here? jalal says sometimes we meet some people by coincidence, remember when me and jodha went to chisti, I met here there.

In Amer, jodha is with dadi, she says I don’t know how he came here alone but he was not tired, you know once jalal and me were caught by Mughal soldiers as we couldn’t pay tax.

Jalal tells Salima that, jodha was with me so every difficult time was spent easily, she kept smiling in all difficulties, I learnt a lot from her, he says oh I was talking about todal, then todal gave us shelter for one day.

Jodha is also narrative the same story to Dadi, she says we went to todal, he was pleased with jalal as jalal is a great warrior and fought with thieves.

Jalal says todal also helped me to find jodha but he didn’t ask for anything in return, that’s why I called him here, he is very honest and strict, I now need honest minister in my palace, salima says one should not be recognized by his relation but by his work, jalal says I lost my relations, salima says we learn by making mistakes, jalal says but some mistakes cant be rectified, I doubted jodha.

Dadi asks jodha are you still angry with jalal, will you not forgive him?. jodha says it’s not about forgiveness, not about my ego but it is about his doubt, how can he doubt on my character, he didn’t trust me.

Salima tells jalal that I am pleased to see that you didn’t consider that todal is hindu and made him minister, jalal says I don’t care about his religion, jodha taught me that religion doesn’t matter, it is about the relation you share with the person, he says it matters most.

Maham calls dasi/servant but no one comes, she shouts, javeda comes there, she says I didn’t call you, javeda says all your dasies are gone, if you need anything then tell me, maham is sad and ask her to go, javeda says what happened was bad but it was your mistake too as you didn’t tell me, I could have give you good advise, I know heart things, I always respected you and will respect you, I felt bad when he regard himself as not your son but I am daughter in law and will remain that, there must be some misunderstanding but I know you are best ammi and I will remain with you always, maham cries and hugs her.

Todal shows his reports about money collection corruptions to jalal, he says a lot of money is taken from common man, they are not happy, jalal says you came here sometime back and you are saying people are not happy with me, we spend so much money on their needs, “read daily updates at” todal says you give money but it doesn’t reach them, jalal ask what does that mean, todal says tell me how much you know about your ministers and soldiers, jalal says I know them very well, I meet them daily, todal says right but you don’t meet people, they are away from you, you cant meet every person, you are connected to them with the thread of your ministers but when this thread is broken then common man suffers, you have to understand their problem you have to go in between them then you will understand corruption, he says you go to them in disguise but you should go frequently, so ministers will be afraid that you are connected to the people and also we will catch corrupt ministers, jalal says now I understand your point.

in market, jalal atgah and todal comes there in disguise, todal ask have you come here before? Jalal says yes but didn’t buy anything.

one shopkeeper is selling rice in high price, todal says in mathura it is of less price, shopkeeper says then go to mathura, jalal looks at him.

He goes to another shopkeeper who have more high price, shopkeeper says my rice is good, he says price is more than mathura because we have to give bribe to ministers too, jalal is stunned. he says if you want to buy then give me money otherwise get lost. Jalal gets angry and says you know to whom you are talking to? Todal stops jalal, shopkeeper says he thinks he is big as jalal.

Jalal ask todal whether in mathura it sell on less price? Todal says shopkeeper was right they have to give bribe, jalal ask atgah to gather ministers. Jalal sees soldiers asking money from people, people say you are doing injustice, atgah is informed that they are hindu yatries and tax is taken from them, jalal recalls how he was asked this tax when he was with jodha, hindus says they don’t listen to us, they didn’t even listen to jodha, jalal is stunned. Jalal ask soldier to not beat them, soldier says if he will stop them, he says that he will beat jalal too as he is taking side of hindus being muslim. jalal ask atgah to plan a meeting on this matter.

In a different scene, jalal is in jodha’s room.

He recalls how they were given bad food when they didn’t pay tax, jalal is tensed and looks at jodha’s portrait, he caresses it and says in your absence I talk to your painting, he sees some box and and gets flashback of when he once came to jodha and ask what you put in this box? jodha says I save coins which I get from shahi money so that I can help the poor, I give it in mandir and also to someone who cant pay yatra tax, jalal tellsto jodha that you are saying that tax taken from hindu yatries is not valid, jodha says I cant say anything, I can advise to you but you are sheehnshah (king) and decision is yours, she says tell me one thing if you are going to some dargah and you are asked for tax which distracts your prayers then how will you feel, FLASH BACK ENDS, jalal looks at coins and jewels and is sad, he says I now understand what you were trying to say but couldn’t understand, now when you are gone I am understanding this.

in court, jalal brings some hindus who were complaining yesterday, they say we respect you a lot but we are being forced to follow many orders, they ask us more and more money for yatra(pilgrimage), aren’t we also part of this state? are you only shehenshah of muslims, atgah ask them to behave properly, jalal says its ok, hindus says we are always scolded is this justice, jalal says nobody will stop you today say what you want.

They say we feel like killing ourselves, we feel like leaving our homes, our fault is we are hindus? jalal says not your fault but my fault as I couldn’t see problems of my people, I now feel this tax is burden so I am announcing to remove this tax, atgah says but this tax is collected for many years, jalal says I told you earlier that if something is happening from years then that doesn’t mean its right.

jalal says it is unfair to collect money for prayers, will my God allow me to collect this money? it is unfair to collect interest in islam, it hurts man, if I stop them from prayers will they not curse me? munim and atgah agrees, he ask atgah to bring that solders who were beating them, jalal ask with whom order you were beating common hindus, with whom order you were taking more tax, soldier bluntly denies it and says nothing of that sort happened you are mistaken. jalal says I was there and I stopped you, he says this is all unfair, he asks other soldiers to beat these soldiers and put them behind bars and take their property, jalal ask to bring shopkeeper who was selling at high price, jalal shouts on them that you corrupted people will not allow me to rise, he ask them on whom order you were selling on more price.

jalal says take shops from them and find which ministers are involved. he ask todal to bring honest shopkeepers and keep eye on all, this is serious matter, adham thinks what happened to jalal? jalal says king is like father to nation and when people say they will kill themselves then its shameful to listen, I accept tax is important but not on cost of lives, tax is collected for good, qazi says we are with you but removing yatra tax is not good jalal says then every muslim will pay tax too, qazi says what are you saying, jalal says all are equal for me whether hindu or muslim, qazi says you are deviating from rules, jalal says king is for hindus and muslims both and don’t forget all are my people, agriculture is developed by hindu and muslim too, adham and baghwan das both took wounds for me, todal and atgah both serves me when god sends rain it is sent to both hindu and muslim houses, qazi says you are ignoring muslims, you are putting hindus in palace too, jalal says we honest and worthy people, I took that people who will serve us good.

Jalal says our people betray more, one minister says it will burden finance, adham says if we remove yatra tax then from where will money come for expenses of government, jalal says valid question, he ask todal to tell if we remove tax then how much will it effect finance of government, todal says it will effect initially but then people will praise you so roits will be less which will be good, people will be happy by this, qazi says this is wrong, jalal says enough I told you to not speak in politics and if anybody is not satisfied then he can leave, people are important for me, I am announcing that yatra tax will not be taken from now on, he ask atgah to announce this in other states, salima and hamida are happy. Episode ends.

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