Governor Mohammed’s Commssioner calls Ortom an underperformer

governor mohammeds commssioner calls ortom an underperformer

From Paul Orude Bauchi

There is no end in sight in the war of words between the camps of Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State and Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State as a Commssioner in Mohammed’s cabinet, Hamisu Shira, has described Ortom as an underperforming Governor.

Shira, who was responding to comment by Ortom where he called Mohammed a terrorist. He believed Ortom was using his recent scathing comments to cover his failure as a minister and current governor of Benue State.

The former member of the National Assembly who currently serves as Commssioner for Environment and Housing in Bauchi State, said what senator Mohammed achieved in just two years in office as governor was by far two times better than what Ortom has done in Benue State for close to six years.

He made the remarks in an interview with journalists in Bauchi, saying Ortom has no moral justification to call Mohammed names as there is no development in Benue State under him.

“Even salary became a problem so much so that the workers protested and we saw where Ortom was attacked by his own people because of his inability to meet his constitutional responsibility,” Shira stated.

“And for some of us who were in the National Assembly we know his relationship with senator George Akume. Senator Akume happens to be Ortom’s godfather. Ortom was a one time minister. Senator Bala Mohammed was also a one time senator and Minister.. For those who don’t know go to Abuja and check the records. Check their ministries, check their performance. You cannot compare what senator Bala Mohammed has achieved in Abuja as FCT minister with what Ortom has done. In fact, Ortom was removed during a reshufflmemt because of his non performance,” he added.

Shira said he was disappointment with the statement that came out of Ortom’s mouth in response to what governor Mohammed said about Fulani herdsmen should defend themselves from.rustlers.

“Ortom has a right as governor to protect not only the interest of his people but the interest of Nigeria. Mohammed is not a sectional leader and Mohammed is qualified to lead this country. So it is unfortunate that Ortom will make such a statement.

” If not that I am holding a position in Senator Mohammed’s government, I was in Abuja when both of them when they were both ministers and I was in Benue where l was conversant with the developments there and l know the politics that played out during the farmers-heeders clashes.

” Ortom only git reelection when he came to PDP and his people elected him and he was trying to bring confusion and used that issue as a cheap point for him to get reelected. His one people expected that he would redeem his image but unfortunately his performance became so poor that the people of Benue will tell you how his people are angry with him today. Senator Mohammed has done so well and we cannot compare him with Ortom, ” Shira said.

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