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As we all know, Globacom is popularly shortened as Glo and it’s the second-largest telecommunications company in Nigeria.

They have a user base of over 40 million people.

The truth is, Glo Data Plans tend to be the cheapest in the country.

They offer so many bonus data deals and thus their famous nickname ‘The Grandmasters of Data’.

One good plan that they have is the campus booster plan.

This plan gives you over 10 times the value of your normal data bundle, as long as you are on campus.

Aside from this plan, they have so many more wonderful data packages for users.

Now, although they offer such cheap and useful data plans, many of us do not even know how to subscribe to them.

If you find yourself in that position, then worry no more, as you will climb out of that pit with the help of this article.

Glo Data Plans And Their Subscription Codes

Before going further to the data plans and their codes, let us first learn how to activate a data plan manually.

To gain access to an on-screen prompt containing all the Glo data plans, here is what you need to do.

  • Step 1: Pick up your phone
  • Step 2: Dial *777#
  • Explore all the data plans and options available
  • Choose anyone you like.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the process.

Glo Data Plans

Going straight to the point, let us explore the major Glo Data Plans And their subscription codes.

Here are the Glo daily data plans and their subcription codes.

  • 27MB+5MB For #50
  • 90MB+15MB For #100
  • 1GB For #300
  • 240MB+110MB for #200
  • 1.25GB For #200 (Sundays Only)
  • 2GB For #500

32 MB(27MB+5MB) For #50

This is the basic daily plan on the Glo network, and it lasts for 24hours.

With this plan, you get get a total of 32MB (27MB+5MB) for just #50.

New users receive 45MB with this same plan.

To activate this plan, just dial *777#, and follow the on-screen prompts to activate it in the category of the daily plan.

105MB (90MB+15MB) For #100

With this incredible plan, you get a total data volume of 105MB, while as a new user, you get a whopping 160MB.

This plan is suitable for smartphones and can be activated using the code *777#.

After dialing this code, just follow the prompts to activate this plan.

This plan stays valid for 1 day before it discontinues.

To activate this plan directly, use the code *127*51#.

1GB For #300

This is another 1-day plan that is very good for smartphones, considering the data volume.

This plan gives a data volume of 1024MB (1GB).

Just like every other data plan on the Glo network, you just have to dial *777# to activate it.

Just follow the prompts, and you will find this plan in the weekly plans category.

350MB For #200

With this plan, new users get a mind-blowing 500MB for just #200.

This is one of the best plans across all networks in Nigeria today, and it has a validity period of 2 days.

To activate this wonderful plan, dial *777#, and follow the prompts.

This plan can directly be activated using *127*56#.

1.25GB For #200

This is a very good plan that offers a customer 1.25GB for just #200.

However, this plan works only on Sundays, so a lot of people do not use it often.

2GB For #500

This is a Glo Data plan that offers you 2GB free data for just #500.

There is currently no bonus for new users on this plan, but with a data volume of 2GB for just #500, the plan is a bonus itself.

Activation is as simple as dialing *777#.

So far, these are the, daily plans in the Glo Nigeria network.

Glo Weekly Data Plans

Here are the Glo weekly data plan and subcription code

  • 7GB For #1,500 (7 days)
  • 1.02GB For #500 (14 days)

The Glo Weekly Data Plans are plans that remain active for up to one week if not exhausted.

Here are some of these plans.

7GB For #1,500

This is currently the best deal you can find out there.

With just #1500, you get a whopping 7GB of data to watch online videos, browse the Internet, chat on social media, and do whatever you want online.

This plan lasts for a whole week (7 days) if not exhausted.

1.02GB For #500

For new users, this plan gives you 1.8GB of data for just #500.

It lasts for two whole weeks (14 days) and is a very good data bundle for average data consumers.

Subscribe to this plan by dialing *777# today, or using the code *127*57#.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

Find below the Glo monthly data plans from the grandmasters of data in Nigeria.

Overview of the Glo monthly subscriptions

  • 2.5GB For #1,000
  • 4.1GB For #1,500
  • 5.8GB For #2,000
  • 7.7GB For #2,500
  • 10GB For #3,000
  • 13.25GB For #4,000
  • 18.35GB For #5,000
  • 29.5GB For #8,000
  • 50GB For #10,000
  • 93GB For #15,000
  • 119GB For #18,000
  • 138GB For #20,000

These plans all work very well, and they tend to be the best in terms of data volume, across all networks in Nigeria.

2.5GB For #1000 (3.7GB For New Users)

This is the first monthly plan in the Glo Nigeria network.

As you can see already, this plan gives you 2.5GB data for #1000, and it lasts for a period of 30 days.

New sim users get 3.7 GB with this plan.

To subscribe, dial *777# to get started, or do it directly with the USSD feature by dialing *127*53#.

4.1GB For #1,500 (6.75 GB For New Users)

New users receive 6.75GB with this plan, and it costs only #1,500.

Just like other monthly plans, this data plan stays valid for a period of 30days before it expires.

Activation code is *777#.

Just follow the options to locate this plan in the monthly plan section.

5.8GB For #2,000 (9.5GB For new users)

From the heading, you can already see how wonderful this data plan is.

Just recharge #2,000 airtime, and you can have a whopping 5.8GB or even 9.5GB if you are a new user.

Just follow the prompts after dialing *777# to activate this data plan.

Direct activation code is *127*55#.

7.7GB For #2,500 (12.75GB)

At times these Glo Data bundles just appear too good to be true, but they are true.

With as little as #2,500, you receive a data volume of 7.7GB, or 12.75 GB as a new user.

Activate this plan today by dialing *127*58#.

10GB For #3,000 (17GB For new users)

You saw it right…

With as little as #3,000, you get 10 whole gigabytes of data free for your consumption.

This plan has a validity period of 30 days.

Dial *777# to go through activation process, or dial *127*54#.

13.2GB For #4,000 (19GB For new users)

This is one of the big data plans on the Glo network.

This plans dishes out 13.2GB of data to anyone who subscribes.

As for new users, they get an eye-opening 19GB.

Activation code is *777#.

Try it out today if you are a Glo user.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to this plan directly by dialing *127*59#.

18.25GB For #5,000 (23GB For New users)

This is another big data plan on the Glo network.

To subscribe for this plan, dial *777#, or *127*2#.

29.5GB For #8,000 (37GB for new users)

Now this is a plan for heavy internet users.

With this plan, you do not need to worry about running out of data for the month, as it will always have you covered.

Activate this plan with the code *777#, to enjoy endless data usage throughout the month.

For direct activation activation, *127*1#.

50GB For #10,000

This is one of the biggest data bundles you will find on the Glo network.

This bundle costs #10,000, and it gives you a whooping 50GB.

Activation code is *777# or *127*12#.

93GB For #15,000

This is the third biggest data plan available on the globacom network.

This plan is mainly for businesses and institutions, and it has a validity period of 30 days.

Activate it by dialing *777# or *127*4#.

119GB For #18,000

Truth be told, I can hardly finish even 50GB in a month unless I have some heavy downloads.

Talk more of a whooping 119GB!

With #18,000, you can subscribe to this mighty data bundle today.

Just like every other bundle, you just have to dial *777# to subscribe normally, or *127*13# to subscribe directly.

138GB For #20,000

This is currently the biggest data plan Glo has to offer,and it costs #20,000.

To start using this plan, pick up your phone, load your sim card with #20,000 airtime, and dial *777# to complete the process, or use *127*33# for direct activation.

These big plans are used by businesses and organisations.

So far, these are all the major monthly data plans we have on the Glo network.

Final Thoughts on Glo Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

From the huge data volumes you’ve seen in this article, I believe you no longer have a doubt that the telecom company ‘Glo’ is truly the main hub of data in Nigeria.

With the information given, you can now subscribe to any of the main data bundles on the Glo network.

Explore them all by dialing *777#, to find one that suits your budget and data needs respectively.

If you have any question about the Glo Data Plan then kindly say it in the comment section while we are here to help you with the best information.

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