Foods That Contain vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is the key to the immune system, fighting disease and helping prevent infections.


Vitamin C is not stored in the human body, so this nutrient needs to be obtained from diets every day.


Fruits and vegetables are the best food sources  of vitamin C. Taking a variety of these healthful food help us to need our daily requirements.


The recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for adults as approved by the ODS; Office of Dietary Supplements include:


  • Males; 90mg
  • Females; 75mg
  • Pregnant women; 85mg
  • Nursing mother; 120mg
  • And an additional 35mg for those that smoke.

It is believed by some experts that, consuming much more than the recommended daily value is very much beneficial to heart. 200mg per day is an optimal amount for most adults.


The following foods are among the richest sources of vitamin C as they contain more than 20% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C;


1. Kiwi fruit

2. Mango

3. Lemon

4. White grapefruit

5. Potato

6. Broccoli

7. Orange


IMG 20201217 WA0004

8. Orange juice


IMG 20201217 WA0006

9. Grape

10. Pink grapefruit juice

11. Pineapple junks

IMG 20201217 WA0007

12. Papaya

13. Hot green chilli pepper

14. Sweet red pepper

15. Tomato juice

16. Strawberries


IMG 20201217 WA0005

The most of vitamin C can be obtained by eating varieties of raw fruits and vegetables everyday. The amount of vitamin C contained in fruits and vegetables may be reduced by cooking.


Microwaving these foods or steaming only loses a few of the vitamin compared to cooking.


Vitamin C as an antioxidant, protect the body’s cells from damage caused by radicals. Free radicals can cause a change in DNA and cells leading to illness.


The vitamin, in addition plays an important role in the body tissues because, without it, the body cannot make collagen; a protein needed for building and maintenance of joints, skin, healthy bones etc.


In addendum, it plays an important role in the immune system defending the body against viruses and other pathogens.


Low levels of vitamin C can cause problem of the immune system and other illnesses.

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