Eternal Love Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update

Eternal Love Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update
Eternal Love Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update


Eternal Love Wednesday 17th March 2021 Update on starlife: On Eternal Love Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update, The Episode starts with Rohit saying you have told this to Suman. Sonakshi says I didn’t tell anything to Suman, I will find out who told her. He says find out and then talk to me. Some time back, Veena saying Rohit won’t swear, get out. Suman says I have just exposed this drama, YK, Nishi, Naren, and Rohit have hidden this truth, they knew this truth. Pooja sees Yash and Nishi.

Suman says Rohit cheated you, I have the proof, read this, when Pooja tried to commit suicide, Naren and Yash went to get the blood for Pooja saying its rare blood group, its report of a blood bank, Naren gave his blood for Pooja, they are father and daughter. Veena gets shocked. Suman asks how can anyone be so innocent and foolish, Naren got his illegitimate daughter home, you came to teach me and my daughter, look at your family first. She goes.

Veena sees Yash, Nishi and Naren. They bow down. Rohit sees Sonakshi and says I trusted you and told such a big thing, the secret has come out., you told it to your mum. Veena faints. Everyone rushes. Rohit stops Naren. They take Veena to the room. Rohit treats Veena. He stops Sonakshi.

He says if seizures get high, she will bit her tongue. He gives his hand in Veena’s mouth and gets hurt. Nishi gets the spoon. He injects Veena. She falls asleep. Rohit says leave her alone. Nishi says your hand… Rohit says I m fine, everybody go out. Sonakshi says I will stay here. Tanya says I will stay please. Rohit says anything, call me immediately. Sonakshi goes to do aid. He says stay away, this pain is nothing in front of the pain you gave me. She says I didn’t tell anyone. He says you would have told this secret to Suman. She says trust me, I didn’t tell. He asks then did Nishi, Yash or I told this to Suman, so that Suman makes fun of it, you told this, who told her, tell me.

He says this family’s name and big secret got known, Veena is shattered, I told you not to share it, you have broken her, you are lying to me. She says you think I m lying. He shouts yes, prove me wrong. She says fine, I will ask Suman who told her. He says find out and then talk to me. He goes. Nishi says I m worried for Pooja. Yash says relax. Naren says I will apologize to her. Rohit says it’s happening because of her. Nishi says we got Rani to hide this. Naren says I know, I did a big mistake and handling it, Sonakshi and classless Suman are responsible for this. Pari asks Suman to let her talk to Rohan once. Suman asks her to stop shouting. Sonakshi comes home.


Eternal Love Wednesday 17 March 2021 Update: Suman asks do you want to blame us again. She stops Sonakshi and says no Sippy can enter Rastogi house. Sonakshi says I feel ashamed of whatever you did, tell me, who told the truth of Pooja and Naren. Suman says you didn’t come to ask about Pari and me. Sonakshi says Pari is wrong. Suman says she is not wrong alone. Sonakshi says I know, Rohit thinks I told the truth, my marriage is in risk, just tell me, who told you the truth. Suman says I can’t help you and shuts the door. Sonakshi comes home. Ajit falls in her feet. He says forgive me. Sonakshi asks what did you do, tell me. Ajit says I told everything to Suman.

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Sonakshi asks why, look what happened to Veena, the family is shattered. Ajit says don’t tell Rohit, he will remove me from the house, forgive me. Servant says Veena got conscious. Sonakshi says we shall go to Veena. Ajit says I won’t. She says we will handle this, don’t tell anyone. Veena asks everyone why are they so tensed. Rohit says you have to take rest. He shouts and slaps her. He says sorry, come to senses. Veena says I don’t want to come to senses, I won’t be able to tolerate the truth.

She cries. Veena asks Naren to stay away. He asks how can this be my truth, Rohit you cheated me, stay away, you are my heartbeat, I have lived a lie all these years, Naren did a mistake, I loved Naren a lot, why Naren. She says Rohit you felt I will break down, you fooled me, what about that, you all have cheated me, I feel I m alone here. She asks them to leave. She says Rohit, I won’t see your face from now, your mom is dead. Lamhon ko…plays… Everyone goes. Sonakshi holds Rohit. Veena recalls Naren. Rohit locks himself.

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