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Young Dreams 4 March 2021 update: episode starts with Gunjan, Rachana and Chaya talking when suddenly a guy on a motorbike does some stunts. Gunjan is really annoyed. The guy snatches Gunjan’s scarf that she was wearing. He removes his helmet only to reveal its Vihaan.

Gunjan walks up to him and asks for her scarf back. He refuses to give it back saying even if she complains no one would believe her. He says he did not hurt anyone so who’s going to go complain with Gunjan or will she have to go alone. Suddenly a nerdy guy walks up to Vihaan and says he’ll go with her to complain. Vihaan says he thinks rather than supporting Gunjan the nerdy guy himself needs support. The nerdy guys is about to pick a fight with Vihaan when Vihaan calls his friends and they come and carry the nerdy boy away. He taunts Gunjan more and rides away. Chaya is so impressed with his style and Gunjan is repulsed and says she’ll get back her scarf from him. Gunjan is determined to get her scarf from Vihaan. Rachana says she’ll get late for Sociology class and Chaya says so will she. Gunjan realizes Chaya is lying and tells her since when did she take Sociology and drags her along.

Part 2

Rachana sees Rajiv and says to herself wonder why she sees him everywhere. Rajiv sees Rachana and asks a girl to call her. The girl calls Rachana saying they are discussing something about the upcoming match but Rachana says she’s not feeling well and walks away. Gunjan tells Chaya she’s not going to be able to run away. Chaya tells her is it necessary to get Vihaan into trouble and what if they get caught and Gunjan tells her to shut up and tells her to keep walking. Gunjan spots Vihaan’s bike and Chaya says they shouldn’t and Gunjan tells her to chill and that if someone messes with her then they have to do something about it. Gunjan pulls a hair pin from Chaya’s hair and tells her to stand there. Gunjan is about to puncture the tyre of Vihaan’s bike when she thinks to herself she shouldn’t do it like a thief when she wasn’t at fault in the first place. Savitri tells Shail that Vihaan is back and Shail says that’s great. Savitri says she wished that Rachana and Vihaan meet each other and Shail says the world maybe be modern but Dayal will not agree to them meeting alone and afterall even all of them want to meet Vihaan. Shail tells her to come over to their house and says she wants to discuss something important and Savitri says they will after her husband returns from out of town and they’ll also do a formal engagement. Shail is happy to hear that and says they are all eager to meet Vihaan. Shail says to tell when they’re coming and to send her love and blessings to Vihaan and puts the phone down. Vihaan is showing off on his bike again and Gunjan tells Chaya and Rachana to watch the fun. Vihaan is riding and everyone are laughing and Rachana sees at the back of the bike a paper is stuck written that jumping jack is his name and making people laugh is his work. He realizes people laughing and sees the paper. Angrily he shouts asking who did this and Gunjan comes forward and says he’s not the only one who can be bad and that others can be bad too and pulls her scarf from his neck and walks away.

Part 3

Gunjan and Rachana are laughing about how Gunjan made a fool of Vihaan. Shail comes and asks them what are they happy about and what did they do at college. Rachana is about to tells when Gunjan says just the usual fun at college. Shail says today must be a happy day. Gunjan asks why and Shail says because Rachana’s groom is in Benaras and Gunjan says that’s good news and she sure would have made kheer. Rachana looks upset. Gunjan tells Rachana she must be happy and asks Shail when does she get to meet her brother-in-law and if he’s coming to the house. Shail says yes. Suddenly they hear Charu’s voice calling Mayank and Gunjan. Charu tells Sangeetha she wants to meet Gunjan and Mayank and Sangeetha asks her why. She says she wants to talk to them and won’t say anything that will hurt their feelings. Charu falls on Shail’s feet and tells her to forgive her and she’s sorry for saying all sorts of things to them. Charu also asks forgiveness from Mayank but Mayank tells her its his fault and that he’s sorry. She says whatever it is his happiness is important to her. Charu hugs Gunjan and tells she’s sorry and that Gunjan is Mayank’s love. She says she admires Gunjan and she wants Gunjan’s and Mayank’s best interest and says at least they can be friends. Charu asks Mayank if they can be friends and Mayank says yes and thanks Charu for understanding the situation. She says she’ll leave and not disturb them but before going she’ll meet Seema. Sangeetha says Seema is in her room and says she’ll take Charu there.

Part 4

Gunjan tells Rachana how did Charu change suddenly overnight and Rachana says whatever it is happened for the best. Gunjan says she still doesn’t believe. Rachana says she realized that Mayank loves Gunjan. Gunjan says but just yesterday she was screaming and today she apologized to Mayank and Gunjan. Gunjan says a sudden change is odd and something is wrong. Charu tells Seema that she apologized to everyone about yesterday’s incident and even made friends with Mayank. Seema says a daughter-in-law should be like that by winning everyone’s heart and understanding her mother-in-law. Seema, Charu and Sangeetha smile evilly. Seema tells Charu to quicly become the daughter-in-law of this house as she feel incomplete without her and Charu says that’s what she wants too. Sangeetha tells them to talk softly as even walls have ears. Sangeetha praises Charu on her acting. She tells Seema that nobody knows what Charu’s real plan is. Sangeetha says she made everyone a fool with her tears and sweet talk. She tells Seema that she should ward away the evil of her daughter-in-law. Seema says to continue acting and winning everyone’s heart and Gunjan will be kiced out in no time. Charu says she’s vowed to get Mayank back from Gunjan no matter what.

(Rachana and Gunjan are in their room), Gunjan says she cant believe the sudden change made by Charu, Rachana says that be happy that happened, Rachana says she cant see her sister being upset, and then she tickles her belly, then Gunjan lays in the bed, and say she is very happy, , Rachana is also happy.Chaya enters the room, and says she wants to say something, rachana asks if everything is okey, Chaya says NO, and says that she wants to talk in person with Rachana, quietly Chaya whispers Rajeev, then Gunjan gets closer to Chaya, Chaya tries to change the topic, by saying “lets work on our project”, then Gunjan goes in her computer, (they are outside), Chaya says that the projects on Rajeev sir, Rachana says that she has nothing to do with Rajeev sir, then Chaya changes her mind, and says that we have to do the project with Rajeev sir,Rachana gets happy. Rachana thinks about Rajeev.

Gunjan is happy to see Seema, Seema gives her a fierce look,Gunjan is confused,Seema asks her what she is doing, Gunjan says that she is chatting, Seema says, take on word, she also say that Gunjan should be doing house work not chat, Mayank’s voice is heard, Seema changes her tone, Mayank beta, I am here to tell that she should eat instead of chatting, Gunjan is shocked, Seema says that she has made dal. she tells her to call, Mayanks calls her to eat, Rachana keep a letter in her book,and says that know one should know that it is a love letter,Shail give her sweets, Chaya comes secretly, Rachana shows the letter, Mayank is secretly watching Gunjan and gives a wink,Gunjan also sees him, all three are walking, Rachana says to Chaya,”lets go”, then Gunjan says why are you going there,(because Rajeev’s room is there), Gunjan says that she thought that Rachana would come to the library with her, and says YES, and goes away.

Rachana is nervous,(to see Rajeev and give him the letter),then sees Rajeev sir’s bag ,and puts the letter, then gets bumped with Vihaan, he says easy mam,then says you to Rachana, and says what you are doing here, and then Vihaan approaches the bag, and sees that she has opened the bag,then puts it down, then sits in the bench, tieing his shoe, and says that he doesn’tget Rachana mam, and say that it seems like she lost something, and says yes, she lost her pen, and says bye, and says that he definitely has to d eal with her.and goes to see Rajeev, saying guru ji,sorry to disturb you, can I talk to you in a minute, and says that it is a life problem, mom wants me to marry, Rajeev says what, and says that it is not the age, Vihaan says that she is losted, and goe in a private place,Gunjan comes , some one pats her shoulder, it is Mayank, Vihaan says that mom just took off, Rajeev says it is Emotional blackmail, then they have a nice talk.

(Gunjan and Mayank go to the temple), they go inside, then tie a red thread, to get (married soon),Mayank admires Gunjan praying,Gunjan says that she wants to talk about his mom, she says that she is not sure about his mom’s happyness, and says what happened( please look Scene:2), Mayank doesn’t take it seriously, they give a hug, Rajeev finishes drinking his water, then puts it back in his bag, then sees the letter, then reads it.

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