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Rakhi questions Preeta why she not ran away even when she advised her as she cannot let go of her thoughtful nature but must understand that the police would arrest her and lock her in the jail, they try taking Preeta when Karan stops them explaining they cannot arrest her when he is standing between the, ACP warns him of severe consequences if he doesnot stop however Karan doesnot listen.

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ACP orders to also arrest him when Preeta stops them accepting that she is the killer however she tries to explain that she did not do anything on purpose and Akshay was never the honest person, he was still trying to blackmail Kritika even after she got married so when she saw her outside the hotel.

She thought that she would talk with him however when she tried to reason with Akshay he did not listen to her and even tried misbehaving with her, they got in an argument and she hit him on the head with a wooden tray but never knew that he would die from her blow, she turning to Karan tries to plead with him apologizing for not informing him, she even hugs him however Karan pushing her away says that she never wanted to do anything on purpose, Karan says that she did not say anything to him, he leaves the hall, the police take her away, Mahira signals Preeta that it is the third day, seeing Mahira Preeta realizes and she takes her away.

Karina and Dadi are both explaining to Mahesh that they cannot believe how Preeta is able to always ruin their functions because she has now even killed someone and ruined their entire function, Mahesh asks for his mobile however Dadi and Karina warn him to not do anything in favour for Preeta, Mahesh says that he will do anything he can for her because she became a member of their family but was his daughter before that so he will try and protect her like a father.

Mahesh then asks Suresh to hand his mobile however Dadi snatches it form his hand, ordering Suresh to not give any tension to Mahesh, Karina and Dadi ask him to rest however Pammi wonders what kind of a family is this because she thought that Preeta was honest however she is also a criminal while she is suspicious of Sherlin so would make her move after she confirms the intentions of Sherlin.

Karan is in his room roaming in anger when Kritika comes asking what is he doing, he must leave and help Preeta because he knows she is innocent however Karan yells at her asking if she thinks Karan doesnot believe that Preeta is innocent however Karan warns her to not tell her what he has to do because he knows that Preeta is not the murderer because she cannot even kill an insect however the reason he is mad is because Preeta did not tell him anything otherwise he could have handled everything out of the house, yells at her ordering her to leave the room.

Preeta is locked in the cell, ACP explains that if she confesses that she is the killer then he is in the station so would come to record her statement, Preeta explains that she has revealed everything that happened to him.

ACP explains that he has listened to what she said so now wants her to reveal everything because her story is ninety eight percent correct while it is not the entire truth so he is waiting to listen the entire truth, she must not believe that he would let her go free because he is not sympathetic of her, Preeta thinks of what Karan said, she exclaims he is angry that she hid the truth from him but he doesnot know that she tried to tell him but was not able to.

Prithvi is angrily walking in the room and even hits the table, Sherlin closes the door after coming in the room, Prithvi immediately asks her if Karan has called anyone to attain the bail for Preeta, Sherlin asks who should Karan call however Prithvi says that he must get her out as she has been wronged and is in jail.

Sherlin questions why is he so worried about Preeta because his love for her has ruined her life, she says that Prithvi must call anyone if he is so worried however Prithvi says that he doesnot know any lawyer but just criminals, Sherlin says that he must be glad that the police arrested Preeta, she could see how scared he got when the police came into their house he was scared they are going to arrest him, she was able to see love in his eyes when Preeta was arrested.

Sushila asks Sushil what is the ACP doing, he replies that he is making the notes, Sushila asks of what kind, Sushil says that he doesnot need any money, Sushila doesnot understand, ACP asks Sushila to talk directly with him because he can hear everything, Sushila asks what is he doing, ACP replies that he is taking notes.

Sushila exclaim s this is what Sushil said but what would happen now, ACP explains that he has written everything but the statement Preeta gave doesnot match their investigations, Sushil asks when did they record her statement, Sushila says that they recorded it when he was fighting with her mother, ACP Vijay explains that there is some detail which is missing and because of it their entire time line is ruined, Kritika rushes into the cabin demanding to meet Preeta, the ACP allows it.

Sushil ask if he is also suspicious of Kritika, ACP explains that until the real murderer is caught it is their job to be suspicious but Preeta is the most suspicious on his list, he explains that when Akshay was murdered anyone who was close to him in is a suspect, he gets a call then asks Sushil to think why Kritika was so desperate to meet with Preeta.

Sherlin blames Prithvi that she knows he is the murderer however Prithvi tries to explain that he was not the only one to meet Akshay and even Kritika went to meet him, Sherlin gets mad saying that he is blaming Kritika when they all know that she cannot even slap anyone.

Sherlin tries to reason saying that he might have killed Akshay and now even is blaming Kritika, Sherlin then explains the entire story which she believes to be true, how Akshay might have blackmailed Kritika and she told Preeta who went to meet with Akshay and they got into a fight, where Preeta hit him.

Akshay then called him but he instead killed Akshay, Prithvi once again tries to explain that he is not the killer then Sherlin starts saying another story which irritates Prithvi.

Karan is in his room when Mahira standing at the door thinks this is exactly what she desired, she would now be able to separate Karan to the extent that he doesnot even want to be with Preeta, she asks him to help Preeta however he questions why she is trying to instruct him however he asks her to leave, she thinks this is exactly what she wanted and the one who had to die is dead, Preeta is now in jail for the murder ending her plan.

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