The beautiful beast

The beautiful beast



Maurice felt guilty for not being able to provide beta for his daughter, he had only himself to blame.

He’s wife left d day after belle was born, she just disappeared neva to be seen again, her sports car abandoned near the woods. Maurice remembers wen he was just a lad, no one noticed his wife wen they wer young but soon, she grew into a beautiful woman.

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To take care of belle, maurice had to put aside his love for inventing n sold everytin bit by bit as he needed to take care of his daughter. “how much has changed in a short 18 yrs”, maurice thinks to himself, looking at his daughter. “wat ar ur plans for d day father? Belle wants to kw so dat she can plan her own day of ‘school skipping’, she did not wnt to accidentally run into her father. “some improvements here n there, notin big but it will keep me busy all day, we need d money”, maurice answers.

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