The beautiful beast – S01 E98

The beautiful beast – S01 E98

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 98

She notices he is struggling wit d door “i will get d keys frm my dad, he finished d work yesterday” “tnx, i will pay him right nw” adam says “no need, i took it thru ur bank card” belle says walking over to d landlord’s door. Gaston has a million questions, so he patiently for belle to return ‘dis was d night am supposed to kiss her for d first time’ gaston thinks “here u go” belle hands adam d key, their hands touching, adam folds his hand over hers, looking into her eyes “adam”? Carla pulls him bk to reality. Belle pulls her hand out of his n walks bk to her door, adam’s hands are shaking as he tries to open his front door “let me help” carla takes d keys frm him rubbing her hand over him again, wondering if d spell worked properly d first. Adam looks over at belle, he notices gaston holding her chin towards his mouth, belle’s eyes are wide open, gaston’s eyes are closed ‘wat if i just speed over n steal her away’? Adam thinks as they are abt to kiss “ar u coming”? Carla asks pulling adam inside d house.

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