The beautiful beast – S01 E94

The beautiful beast – S01 E94

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 94

The party was in full swing wit all d ladies dat recieved invitations present but adam did not mate wit any of them. Across a woman’s laughter radiated across d restaurant drawing everyone’s attention to her, her bk was turned against dem so they could not see her face but wat they did see was d legume’s family. All of dem could smell d vampires amongst d legumes “we need to cut dis party short” king alaric says, standing up “crap” adam mind link reaches d whole pack as d mate bond rips thru him ‘am goin to shift! I cant stop it’ adam says as his bones brk n starts to reshape “is ur dog ok”? D hostess asks as she looks at d wolf having a fit on d floor “so terribly sorry, dis has neva happened” queen adelaide says walking d hostess away. King alaric mind links his pack to circle around adam after throwing a table cloth over him “i will shift as our wolf colours are almost d same” d beta says, so he can give his cloth to adam. Belle is drawn to d party across d restaurant, she stands up frm her chair,

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