[Sex story] You Should Not Drink Mom 2

I want people to know I don’t regret making love to my son, surely there can not be a greater love than that between a Mother and Son can there ?

Sex story

Sex story

I know people think I am the most horrible woman in the world after I went out for the first time in over two years, got tippsy and horney , slow dancing with guys at a friends birthday party , coming home and blowing my 16 year old sons cock till he filled my mouth with his cum, and then I showed him what a whore his Mother is, by swallowing not spitting it out into the sink , so all his little fishies were swimming around in my belly, and you know what,I don’t care what people on here think of me.

Later that same night he told me he was going to tell the world if I didn’t get into bed and make myself available to him, hahaha, so having two years of being single and sexless , I put a pink sexy nightie and frilly panties on, something ironically I had bought to wear for my former husband on his 40th birthday three years before . I never wore it for him ,because while I was sitting at home with champagne and plans to give him a great time in bed, he was with one of his many girlfriends probably fucking her in the back seat of the car I had bought him out of my money my Father left me when he died.
I stood in the middle of my bedroom looking in the mirror, finish up the bottle of wine I had taken into the bathroom with me,my legs were going jelly ,haha, and I had just started thinking Beth what the hell are you doing when my son Raymond walked into the bedroom from the shower completely naked. Even in the low light of just one bedside table lamp his cock looked so big compared to the only other cock I had ever had inside me , his Father’s . His dick was maybe 5 inches long when hard, this thing my son owens is like 8 inches long and as big around like a damn hot dog bun, no wonder I had gagged so much doing oral on him.
When he walked over to me his cock push into my stomach before his arms wrapped around me, and I put my hand on it and lifted it up so it was between us and jjeezzz it felt heavy ,and as he leant forward and kissed me I didn’t have a care in the world.

He whispered in my ear, that I looked great, and he started pushing me slowly backwards towards the bed. The back of my legs touched the mattress and I sat down on the bed ,he pushed me gently backwards until I was laying down and he knelt between my legs.
I lifted my butt as I felt him felt him pulling my panties down taking them off my legs he threw them on the bed and slowly lifted my ankles up until my feet were on the bed ,my legs bent at the knees with my feet wide apart on the edge of the mattress, and I could feel his fingers open my pussy lips as he lowered his mouth towards me and his tongue began to lick my clit, sending what felt like electric shocks through my body., my God it had been so long ago that this had last happened.

An hour or so earlier when I had given my son a blow job,he lasted about five minutes at the most before he shot his load into my tummy ,now it was my turn to set a personal best, I don’t think I lasted four minutes before I was screaming and grabbing my panties to stuff into my mouth before I woke the whole neighborhood up.

I felt him getting up and he grabbed my bent knees, and pulled them towards him , I could feel the big head of his cock touching my soaking wet cunt and as he smiled at me and I held my arms out to indicate he should come to me and love me like only a Mother and Son could,who else could have more love for each other than them, and as he drove his hard cock into the depths of my love tunnel filling it up with his cock I remember screaming out that I loved him and I wanted him to fuck me hard which is exactly what he did .
I know most people on here don’t understand,I am sure there are some that say I should be locked up in a mental hospital, but let me tell you,never has there been a greater love between two people on this damn planet than the love we gave to each other that night, or was it lust ?

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