[Sex story] Rooming with Grandpa

Grandpa, along with many others, come stay with us for thanksgiving. We don’t have enough rooms so I have to share with him.

When I was 11 we started to hold thanksgiving at our house, all 6 of our rooms filled and shared. I of course had to share mine too. Grandpa stayed with me, insisting on keeping me safe. The First Night was Monday night, nothing happened we just slept. Tuesday night was the same. But Wednesday night he walked in on me changing, I was shirtless and frozen in shock. He looked at my chest for a few minutes before he apologized and left the room. I quickly got dressed and laid down. He came back a few minutes later and laid down in the bed with me. That night, I woke up to a weird feeling on my pussy. It felt really good, so I didn’t bother to see what it was.

Sex story

Sex story

I finally looked down to see my panties were pulled down and my grandpa’s hand was touching me, two of his fingers inside of me. I wanted to stop it, but I didn’t. I liked the way it felt. He stopped and I was about to say something but he slid something bigger into me. I felt his body pressed against mine and I knew it was his dick. He started to move in and out slowly, grabbing softly into my ear. He covered my mouth as he sped up. I didn’t know if he knew I was awake or not. As Je went faster and faster, I felt better and better. Pleasure filled my body before a hot liquid filled me. He stopped moving and slowly pulled out of me. He removed his hand from my mouth and felt up and down my body. He started to touch my small breasts before he noticed I was awake. “Did you like it?” He asked. I just nodded, still a little overwhelmed. He smiled and kissed me gently. “We‘ll do it again.” He promised.

The Next Night, I couldn’t sleep. I was just eagerly awaiting my grandpa’s arrival. I heard the door open and close before I heard the lock click. He laid down and pulled me to him. “Ready to have more fun?” He asked. I nodded before he took off my panties. I was only wearing a night gown so he would have easy access. I looked at him as he held my panties, sniffing them. “Only 11 and you smell so good.” He told me. “Your mom wouldn’t have sex with me until she was 30.” He told me. “You’re a Good Girl. Having sex with me so young.” He smiled. I blushed before he kissed me again. He started to rub my clit gently. “I’m so glad you like this,” he started, “I didn’t want to have to keep raping you.”

He said as he started to finger me. “Keep raping me?” I asked. He nodded. “I’ve been touching your little pussy while you sleep for years. Of course, I never fucked you until last night when I knew you were awake.” He stopped fingering me to get on top of me and slid his cock in me. I moaned and arched my back slightly. “H-How young was i grandpa?” I asked before moaning. “Shit- grandpa..” I moaned. He smiled. “8 I think. I’ll send you the pictures.” He said as he started to thrust faster. He covered my mouth as I moaned louder. It didn’t take long for him to cum inside of me again.

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