[Sex story] My Neighbors’ Daughter

She had just turned ten and had ask me to pop her cherry as her birthday present…

How could I, a thirty-two year old man, say no to this naked ten year old girl. I tried, I did say no at first, but she kept advancing and begging. Her parents had to go to the hospital because the mother’s water had broke just five minutes ago. When it happened, the father came over and asked if I could watch his daughter. He trusted me with her life. Wasn’t the first time she’d stayed at my house, and certainly wasn’t the last.

Sex story

Sex story

We had known each other , almost, since their was born. They had moved in right after because they needed a bigger home. So I watched this little girl grow up. Her dad and I were close friends. The wife and I had even fucked when he was gone on his business trips.

In fact, the new baby may even be mine. Her and the Dan had been trying to have a baby for months, but he had gone on a few business trips and she and I fucked almost every day and night he was gone. I came inside her every time. We never used condoms since her and Dan had been trying for a baby anyways.

Back to this hot and naked ten year old girl getting on her knees and pulling out my rock hard 8 inch cock.

This little girl spit on my cock and started jacking me off. “Fuck baby girl, this feels so good! Where did you learn to…” She interrupted me, “I do this to my dad a lot. He taught me how to give him a handjob. He taught me more than just a handjob, too!” “Can you…” before I could finish, the head of my cock was in her mouth.

As I stared at this little girl’s head bobbed up and down the head of my cock, I couldn’t help but wonder how much he’d dad taught her. “His much did your dad teach you?” (POP) “Just handjobs and blowjobs. He never touched me nor try to stick it in me.” She said, but continued, “Well, he did play with my boobs. That felt good.”

I stopped thinking and just went into autopilot. I grabbed her under her armpits, lifted her up and onto my lap. “Can I stick it in?” I said and pointed at my cock. She thought for a second and answered my question. “Yes, I want you to put your penis in my private.” I raised her back up with one hand, pointed my cock at her entrance, and started lowering her into it. Lifting her back up a bit, “Hold your lips open.” She did and I lowered her back down.

Her hole was so small, my cock felt like it wasn’t going in. After awhile of me pushing her down, I finally felt the head pop in. Slowly I raised her up and lowered her back down. Each time I pushed more of my cock into her tiny hole. She did her best not to scream, though she did a lot of crying and screaming anyways.

After what felt like an hour, I was inside her as far as I could go. I just kept using her like a sextoy. Up and down, going a little faster each time. She was moaning so loudly by now. I’m glad my nearest neighbor, after her parents, was a good mile away. That’s when I noticed she was the one fucking me. I was no longer raising and lowering her. She was doing all the work.

“Fuck baby, your pussy is so tight, I’m so close to cumming!” I announced. “Please Daddy, please fill my little pussy with your cum!” She screamed. One… two… three… I bursted inside her. Must have filled her 10 year old womb with a gallon of cum.

(KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK) “David, is my daughter alright?! I heard her screaming!”

Fuck! Her dad was here! I heard the knob turn and door open. He stepped in. Stared at us. Stared at her naked body impaled on my cock. Cum leaking out of her freshly filled pussy. Watching her raise and lower. “Daddy? Do you like what you see? I can suck your cock?” She asked him.

The end.

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