[Sex story] Best Birthday Party Ever

13 year old begs her Daddy to pop her cherry at her 13th birthday party.

Okay, so I have this friend who’s daughter started to call me Daddy a few years ago when she was 10. I never understood why, by I let it go. It was especially weird since she called her real dad Dan. Dan was, to say the least, caught off guard the first time he heard his ten year old daughter call his neighbor “Daddy”. He and I had a long talk about it later that day.

Sex story

Sex story

Not only was she calling me Daddy, but she would find and make up every excuse to come over. It was innocent at first, she’d come over and hangout while I did chores around the house and helped her with homework. That was until summer rolled around.

It heated up and she wore less and less clothing. She’d be coming over right after getting off the bus, dressed in a miniskirt with tank top and no bra. She was sitting on my couch while I fiddled with the TV one day, I looked over to her as I answered a question she asked and my jaw about hit the floor. Her legs were spread wide. A perfect look up to her bald 10 year pussy.

I stuttered out my reply to her question before I caught myself. I just went back to work on the TV and did my best to ignore and forget what I just saw. This became a normal occurrence over the next few years. She’d come over, flash me her boobs, pussy or both. She even started to grope and eventually sucked my cock before she turned 11.

I, of course, returned the oral favor with an oral favor of my own. Fuck, her pre-teen pussy tasted heavenly. She was screaming and moaning for Daddy to lick her pussy so loud, I’m surprised her parents didn’t come over to investigate.

At her 13th birthday party, she asked me to follow her to her bedroom. I was a little concerned if I was caught following this little girl to her room, but I did what I was asked anyways. Once there, she, in a low almost whisper like voice, asked me to pop her cherry.

Before I could answer her, she was fiddling with my pants button. I just stood there, like a stone statue, frozen by what was happening. She undid my pants, pushed them and my briefs down, grabbed my rock hard cock and popped the head into her mouth.

Fuck, where did she learn to suck? Just as I could feel myself coming close, she stopped and laid down on her bed. Without missing a beat, I walked between her spread legs and lined up my cock with her young, beautiful and freshly shaved pussy. She obviously had this moment planned out to a T.

As I began to force myself in her tight pussy, her squeals and muffled screams filled the room. It was such a turn on. I swear I about nutted before I even got the head in. Once I was pushed up against her virgin barrier, I stopped and ask if she was sure. Did she really want this? Was she sure she wanted to willingly lose her virginity to her dad’s best friend?

“Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck me. I want you to be my first Daddy,” and how was I to say no to that? She wanted it. Clearly. Plain as day. So I proceeded to push and break through her barrier. She grabbed my hand and clamped it onto her mouth. She screamed so loud, even muffed by my hand with hers on top, there’s no way no one heard.

Heard or not, I was too far to stop now. I did pause a moment to let her adjust to my intrusion. As soon as I paused, she began to fuck me herself. So, naturally, I started pumping my eight plus in cock in and out of her. Wasn’t long, maybe a minute or two , and I was ready to fill her 13 year old pussy with my 32 year old cum.

Then we heard footsteps getting closer to the door. The knob began to wiggle. A voice asked if her daughter was okay. Her mother was at the door. I just stood up, feeling defeated, and opened the door. Her mom pushed me back as she rushed in, shut and locked the door.

Before I wrapped my head around it, she was naked and bobbing her head up and down my cock. Best birthday party I’ve ever attended. From that day on, I fucked the young teen, her mom, her friends and her mom’s friends.

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