Now and forever on joy prime, Monday 1st November 2021 update


Now and forever

Now and forever

Oliver gets Stella away from the car. Carmen and Stella’s parents went to see what was happening and they were all worried because Stella would not wake up. Oliver fussed over her until she eventually woke up and they called the police. Stella said that Rebecca was the person behind the explosion.
Rebecca’s Aunt went back to the condo to check on her but everything was on fire.

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Stella’s security went to get her and Neil said that he would look for Rebecca. Rebecca was locked up in her bathroom and knocked on the door until they heard her.

She collapsed after inhaling the smoke but Neil went in and got her out. They called the fire brigade to extinguish the fire and a medical team to take care of Rebecca. She eventually woke up after first aid.

Neil told Rebecca that Stella had survived. Rebecca was upset but it turned to alarm when she remembered Eva was out without a guard. She went to Rosa’s new house to ask if Eva was there. She said that they were all in danger because Stella had bombed her condo. Rosa told Rebecca that it was good Eva was not with her because she might have gotten hurt.

She also told Rebecca that Eva was not with them and was happy with Inno. She slammed the door at her and Rebecca had to leave.
Roxanne brought a bag for Eva after she and Inno decided to elope together.

They told Roxanne that they were going to Batangas and asked her not to tell anyone. They changed their sim cards so that no one would contact them.

Oliver tried calling Inno to tell him what happened to Stella but the call would not go through. Carmen told him to let Inno be happy with Eva because he deserved it after everything he had done for their family.

Oliver however did not see why Inno had to be with Eva when Rebecca had tried to kill Stella. He was worried about Stella and she told him that she would eventually die. She therefore asked Oliver to live his life and be happy.

Rebecca sent a funeral flower arrangement to Stella’s house.

Stella got mad and called Rebecca to ask whether she sent the flowers. Rebecca expressed her disappointment to hear that Stella was still alive.

Stella told Rebecca that the grim reaper would get her first but Rebecca reminded her that she had survived all the attacks Stella planned against her.

Stella called her a monster and Rebecca said that she was a monster that Stella created. She therefore told her to take care of the air she breathed because it might be poisoned.

Oliver went to see Roxanne to ask her where Inno and Eva were. Roxanne told her to give up on Eva but Inno said he did not care about her. He was upset with Inno for choosing Eva over his family. He told her that Rebecca bombed Stella’s car while Roxanne told him that Stella also bombed Rebecca’s house.

Oliver said that they were even but Roxanne still refused to tell him anything.
Roxanne called Rosa and told her not to worry about Eva since she was with Inno. Adessa was worried too and Rosa told her that Inno would not let anything happen to Eva.

Eva and Inno settled in a house they rented in Batangas. They went to the marked to buy a week’s supply of food but they had nowhere to store it.

They bought a fridge and were both happy to own their first appliance. They made dinner and ate on a mat because they did not have any furniture.

They talked about the next appliances they should buy in the house. When they went to sleep, Eva said she was used to cuddling with her mother since their house at Gintong Pagasa was small and Inno held her as they slept.
In the morning, they had breakfast and Eva said she wanted to go to the market to buy materials and start making Jewelry.

Inno wanted to go with her but Eva said it was fine since no one knew where they were. When Eva went out, Inno prepared a surprise for her at the light house because he planned on proposing to her.

When Eva was at the market, Roxanne called and told her about the bombing incident. Eva was worried about Rebecca and Roxanne assured her that she was fine. She told Eva not to come back because she might be in danger. She said that she would take care of Rebecca instead.

Inno tried calling Eva after setting everything up but she would not pick his calls. He went to search for her at the market but could not find her.

His neighbor called to say she was up at the light house and Inno went to her. Eva was in tears and hugged Inno when she saw him. He asked her what happened and Eva told him what Roxanne said.

She was worried that they would not be able to be together but Inno said that he never wanted to lose her. He therefore got out the ring, implying that he wanted to marry her. We ended as Eva cried after she saw the ring. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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