[Movie] Truth Be Told season 2, episode 7 recap – “Lanterman-Petris-Short”

This recap of Apple TV+’s Truth Be Told season 2, episode 7, “Lanterman-Petris-Short,” contains spoilers.

[Movie] Truth Be Told
[Movie] Truth Be Told

It’s all kicking off in episode 7, but the drama is a little nonsensical at times. I often wonder what the writers are thinking.

Truth Be Told season 2, episode 7 recap

After been found at the crime scene in the last episode, Markus and Poppy are taken to the police station. The officers tell them they are interfering with their work. Detective Aames takes the heat off them — it’s never clear how involved the police are. Poppy tells Aames that they found medication at the crime scene that is anti-psychotic — they think Rose is in trouble and they need to find her. So, Poppy gets back on the podcast to discuss the homeless problem, with the steady increase of the “unhoused.” She then turns the conversation to Holt and Rose.

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Meanwhile, Holt sneaks into Micah’s house in the middle of the night and snuggles her — it’s clear there’s plenty of love and history between them. However, Micah is worried about Rose and asks Holt to find her. The next day, Micah sends out Ivy to meet Holt — when she meets him, Holt is annoyed that Micah hasn’t shown up. Ivy tells Holt that the threat of Rose will always lean over Micah.

Markus and Poppy find Rose at the camp. Rose claims that Micah stole her life’s work and states that what Micah wrote in her book did not happen to her. She calls Micah a wild animal that is trapped.

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But before the conversation can progress, the most absurd event happens. Holt sets off the alarm to cause panic, and then he openly shoots Rose in public then runs away. For a man that does not want to be caught, this was shoddy writing. Markus finds Holt outside, and they fight. The police turn up, and Markus has to try and convince the officers that Holt is the shooter, but they end up shooting him due to racial profiling.

The ending

At the hospital, Markus’s wife is angry at Poppy for putting her husband in this situation and tells her to leave. A fretting Poppy has to stay at home, worrying about Markus. She’s so upset that she can’t attend mediation for the pending lawsuit against her.

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As the episode ends, Micah asks Ivy what she said to Holt, as she’s confused as to why he would hurt her. They both conclude that all this happened because of Poppy, which makes zero sense whatsoever because it happened because of them. Plus, Micah asks Poppy to help with the investigation. This is all nonsense.

Additional points

  • Markus continues helping Sherese with her missing daughter.
  • Shreve has a cognitive test, but he fails at the wordplay.

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