More Than Friends


*The person that knows all of my secrets is you my friend and now I want to tell you one more secret and that is, I love you….

When we became friends I don’t know when your presence became important to me, it was the best feeling when my heart tells me that you’re the angel I was looking for and you’re right next to me…….. *

My name is Peter Wright.. This quote wasn’t exactly written by me, They’re quotes from different Quoters so I merged them into one.. This is the story I’m about to tell you is about my love life and how it turned out to be in the end.. I can’t exactly tell you, who my soul mate is.. You’ll just have to wait and find out… Love is a very beautiful thing and also a curse, but when you find the right person to love, everything is going to be all right.. No relationship is perfect, there’s always some kind of fight between the couple, but only the patience and tolerant ones make it work.. Love doesn’t never any reason, just love for the sake of love, and love must be built, on trust, bond, tolerance, and understanding.. Without these, Love can never work and it will never last.. Some say Money can buy love.. Yeah fake love but not true love. Cause once the money is gone, so is the love and then trouble starts..So here’s the story of my through the bumpy road of love and how I reached my destination……


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