Matt Cross On If He Plans To Revive The ‘Son Of Havoc’ Character

Matt Cross On If He Plans To Revive The ‘Son Of Havoc’ Character

During his interview with WINCLY, Matt Cross spoke on potentially bringing back the ‘Son of Havoc’ character from Lucha Underground days. Here’s what he had to say:

The future is unwritten. We’ll see. Obviously, I carry the spirit of that company with me strongly. I think Pentagon Jr. was one of the names that just absolutely exploded from that universe, but he was a guy that had cool vignettes, and cool promos, and won every match and was the man, whereas I was sort of this organic build.

And it was just people connecting with me and my hard work, and ‘what’s your favorite Son of Havoc vignette?’ There wasn’t really any. So it’s just pure workhorse, bust ass stuff that people identified with, and that resonates within me and I carry that forward. That spirit’s undying. It’s within me, so we’ll see where it goes in a new temple, or a new place, or a new company, or Azteca Underground or whatever it may be. That fire still burns within me, and we’ll see how that plays out in MLW.

You can listen HERE.

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Credit: WINCLY.

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