Mariam khan reporting live on star life, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Mariam khan reporting live on star life, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Aaliya thinks to hide the secret. She says I made this for Manjeet. Rifat gets thinking. Fawad sees Mariam and falls down in her lap. O yaara….plays… She says I didn’t go office just for the sake of Aaliya. Mariam asks him to help and blow balloons. He tries. She laughs and says its enough. He gets a call and leaves the balloon. He goes. Mariam says Fawad loves his phone more than his family.

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Madiha shows the M pendants Majaaz made for his daughters. Biji likes it. Rifat and Choti play a game. Rifat plays again and wins. She says I won’t let Manjeet win. Fawad calls off all his meetings. Madiha comes to Mariam. She says there is a surprise for you. She makes Mariam wear the pendant. Mariam smiles. Rifat gets shocked and says Mariam. Madiha and

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Biji bless Mariam. Madiha says Majaaz made this for you, I thought to give it to you today. Mariam thanks her. Rifat goes thinking and says how can Mariam come back, I got rid of her years ago. Fawad says I m not coming to office.

Mariam comes to him and asks what are you dressing up as? He asks what do you mean. She says its fairy tale theme, tell me what you want to dress up and I will arrange a costume. He says I don’t attend kids party. She says you danced in Omkar’s party.

He says I got drunk and danced there. She says I want to see you dancing. He asks what. She says you just come and dance, it will be your debut. He says no one can influence me. She asks what type of a person are you. He asks how am I. She gets away and says dress according to the theme. She goes. Fawad gets a call and learns that minister resigned, Manjeet has done a big thing by her word. Rifat’s alter ego laughs on her and calls her helpless. Rifat shouts stop it. Choti comes to see her.

Rifat scolds her and says Mariam is here, she is disguised as Manjeet. Choti asks her to calm down. Rifat says this mansion will become of Mariam, her birthday is in this month. She laughs and says I was daydreaming, I didn’t know my dream will break, I will not give up so easily, I will change my colors now. Meher gets sad hearing Aaliya talking about Zain. Mariam collides with Rifat. Rifat asks her to be careful.

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Mariam taunts her back. Rifat says you are right, I should be careful. Mariam asks are you coming in party. Rifat says I don’t need an invitation. Mariam asks what are you dressing up as, a witch? I mean the theme is of fairytale, I m becoming a princess, I m not getting the witch, I think you are best to play this role, you can do this for Aaliya. Rifat nods. Mariam goes.

Rifat calls someone and says some people are creating nuisance, its time to clear the mess. She thinks this party will be your last one. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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