Mariam khan reporting live on star life, Monday 11th October 2021 update

Mariam khan reporting live on star life, Monday 11th October 2021 update

Fawad asks mariam to leave. Choti and Rifat blame Meher for theft and argue with Madiha. She taunts over the outsiders, seeing Biji. Mariam and Fawad leave in the car. He asks her to drive faster. Mariam asks her to stop the car. He takes her out and scolds her for trusting anyone.

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She says get me down, I was focussing on my mission, why are you scolding me, you challenged me, why do you care for me suddenly.

Biji thinks Mariam is fighting a battle every day, I have to fight this battle. She asks choti to check her bags, she won’t get anything. Rifat threatens to call police. Fawad says I was around, you didn’t say anything when the people were badly eyeing you, I was after you because I… She asks him to answer.

Biji says I will check your room after you are done, I also lost something imp, a memento has no price, I will have to call the police.

Mariam says get me down now. Fawad says you still have to understand, why do you always invite problems. She says look over there, he is running away. Fawad runs after the man. He beats the man and takes him back to the car. Mariam gets free. He says this informer was running away, we have to stay alert.

She says we will take him home, it will be safe place. He says fine. He asks why are you smiling now. They smile. Biji scolds Rifat. Rifat says fine, you can carry on the inspection, but be careful. Mariam and Fawad get informer home. She says the store room will be fine. He asks how do you know about it, Aaliya would have told you. Biji gets a bell and says thief got caught. Aaliya looks on and recalls putting jewelry and bell in Rifat’s room. Biji asks why did you steal the cow bell. Fawad and Mariam get shocked seeing Aijaz.

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Fawad says its night, you should go and sleep. Aijaz goes. Rifat asks Madiha will I steal this bell, don’t forget guests will go, you will be staying here. Aaliya comes to Fawad and says Rifat is checking Biji’s room. Rifat smiles seeing Fawad. He asks what do you want, why do you think every person is a criminal. He says I have warned you before, i can’t tolerate anyone’s disrespect in this house. He apologizes to Biji on Rifat’s behalf. He goes. Biji says he spoke really well, Rifat got sleepless.

Fawad and Mariam ask the man to get up. They argue. Fawad asks him to get up and answer about terrorists’ plans. She asks him about Majaaz. They argue once again. Informer hits the bulb and runs. They get shocked.

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Fawad and Mariam chasing the informer. Rifat recalls Fawad’s words. She gets sad and says he didn’t talk to me well, when will he give me importance. Fawad asks Aaliya and Aijaz to go to their rooms. Informer hides. Mariam looks for him. Fawad sees Zain. Zain asks is everything fine. Fawad says yes. Zain asks how are you. Fawad goes. Mariam says I searched everywhere and didn’t get him. Choti and Rifat hear sound. Rifat asks who is there. Fawad sees informer running out. He shouts stop and runs after him.

Mariam also follows. Fawad gets shocked seeing Majaaz and goons aiming gun at informer. He runs to stop Majaaz. Mariam comes there. Someone else standing behind Majaaz, shoots the informer. Fawad gets shocked seeing Majaaz’s face. Majaaz flees.

Fawad sees informer dead. Mariam comes and gets shocked. She asks Fawad is he fine, who did this. He shouts Majaaz Khan did this. He asks informer to get up. He says Majaaz killed my friend too, he will kill us all.

He hugs Mariam and cries. She calls up police. Police comes. Fawad says Majaaz has killed this man. Inspector asks did you see him. Mariam says no, I didn’t see. Fawad says Majaaz has killed him. Police takes the man’s body. Everyone asks Fawad to open the door. Rifat asks Zain not to go, Fawad might say hurtful things. Zain says I guess I should go back from here. Rifat says no, that’s not the case, he is just disturbed, we will talk, okay? He says leave him alone for some time. He goes.

Aijaz asks why is he upset, nobody cares for him. Madiha asks him to go to his room. Rifat asks them to go. Rifat cries. Mariam goes through the window. She sees Fawad and cries.

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She says he got betrayed all the time, so he got so much hatred, he can’t forget the past, I just can’t see him like this. She gets inside and asks him what happened. She changes his tshirt. She cleans the blood off his face. She puts him to sleep. Meher stops Zain and says Aaliya is scared, she will feel better if you talk to her once, you two need each other. He asks Aaliya to go and sleep, its late. She says she needs your love, not formality. She pities Zain.

Mariam says Fawad has hidden many secrets, I will help you. She sees Fawad’s laptop and calls Akshay to meet her. She cries and says I can’t change your past, but I can try so that you don’t have problems in future, sorry, don’t misunderstand me. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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