Jodha akbar on zee world, Monday 11th October 2021 update

Jodha akbar on zee world, Monday 11th October 2021 update

In the previous episode, Anarkali figure out that the person she thought is Qutub is rather Salim and they both expresses their hatred towards each other, Haider sees this and plans to take advantage of the situation. In this episode, is Jodha and Jalal’s anniversary. Salim takes a turn for the worse.

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Salim comes to Jodha and greets her, she asks him to sit, he sit and says that your husband came to me and requested me to do the preparations for your marriage anniversary, you know that i am not afraid of him but he cutely asked me so i couldn’t say no, Jodha smiles and recalls how in childhood Salim would say that he is not afraid of Jalal, Jalal comes there too and hears all this, Jodha ask did Jalal come to you with request, he says yes, Jodha says when did Jalal talked to you then promise me that you wont fight with him now.

Salim says i didn’t go to him but he came to me with request, i am not afraid of him, Jalal says ahem, so you are not afraid of him, Salim fumbles, Jalal hugs him, Salim is stunned, Jalal says i am very happy that our son will handle our marriage anniversary preparations, i and Jodha decided to not do celebrations as you were sad but you made me proud by taking responsibility of it, this made me very happy, he hugs Salim again, Salim hesitatingly hugs him back.

Jodha smiles broadly, Haidar sees this family reunion and says this cant happen.

In a different scene, Jodha is eating food with murad and Daniyal, murad says i cant eat now, i am not Daniyal that will eat everything, Jodha says this is not good, Murad says i cant eat after all stopped eating, i am sure i will see Daniyal here eating dinner, he leaves, Daniyal ask Jodha why you make me eat so much? Jodha says i couldn’t spend much time with you in childhood and you spent time in amer mostly, Daniyal says i like this Rajvanshies food, in childhood Mann bai would get stunned seeing me eat so much, Jodha says yes you must have spend time with her, how she is? he says she is very nice, very soft hearted, very emotional, once in childhood, mann bai had cat, she would eat with her, would sleep with her but then cat went somewhere so mann didnt eat anything for days.

Jodha says you know very much about Mann, Daniyal says yes, i would not like mann’s sad face, he leaves too, jodha stops him and says i want to tell you something, she says you wont see sad face of mann noe, i will be giving her such thing that she wont get sad in whole life, Daniyal says that is awesome.

Haidar is fuming, javeda comes there and haidar addresses her as mother, she says i have prepared suites for you, she says a marriage proposal have come, you should see the girl, Haidar says i am not interested in marriage, Javeda says why you get angry, Haidar says i have other works too to do, his uncle comes there and ask Javeda to not scold him, she says he doesn’t agree for marriage, make him understand, she leaves.

Haidar says i wont let Jalal and Salim come together, i will see to it that Salim doesn’t receive fatherly love, i wont let them become one, uncle ask how will you do it? Haidar says i have Anarkali. i will use her.

Zil is in market, some people are talking about Qutub’s marriage, they say Jalal prepared huge function for Qutub’s marriage, zil is shocked to listen that Qutub got married.

Zil comes to Anarkali and ask why you didn’t tell me that Qutub got married, Anarkali says what to tell you? i am unfortunate to love a person who never loved me, i got betrayed in love, she hugs her and thinks that how to tell you i got betrayed by Salim not Qutub.

Jalal is with Jodha, he says you seem happy, she says my son is preparing for our function so i am happy, Jalal says i am happy too, Jodha is playing with pool water, Jalal ask her to not play as she will catch cold, Jodha says that Salim gave us good gift but what about you? you never gave me good gift, Jalal says whole india is for you, ask for anything, Jodha says you wont be able to give it, Jalal says don’t underestimate me, you will get anything you want, Jodha says i will ask for something that you wont be able to say yes for it, Jalal says just ask for it, Jodha says i want you to sing in marriage anniversary function for me in front of everyone, Jalal is stunned and says me? actually……

Jodha says forget it, i want it only, Jalal says if i don’t accept this then i wont fulfill my promise but how will i sing in front of all? Jodha laughs seeing his confused state, she lies her head onf his shoulder.

Haidar comes to his people, they tell him about Anarkali and says she is daughter of Rashid who was considered as betrayer of jalal, Rashid is very ill now and they don’t have any place to live, Haidar says wow, this family is destroying.

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Anarkali comes market, Haidar’s goons follows her, Anarkali is going to sell jewelry for Rashid’s treatment, shopkeeper says i will give you just two coins for it, you people are betrayers maybe this is stolen jewelry, my last offer is 4 coins, Anarkali says ok buy it, in between all this, Haidar’s man comes there and steals jewelry, he starts leaving, Anrkali follows them and ask them to stop, she ask for jewelry that they stole, man says i am common person, you are alleging me, another man comes to shopkeeper and ask him to speak against Anarkali, shopkeeper says to people that this girl is a robber, she stole necklace from my shop, people gather around, Anarkali ask what are you saying? you are lying, mughal constable comes there, Anarkali says a man stole my jewelry, shopkeeper says its this girl who stole from my shop, constable ask to search the man, soldier search the men but doesn’t find anything from him, constable says now you will be searched, and your house too.

Anarkali says i am from good family, Man ask then let us search your house. Anarkali says ok.

soldiers are searching place. constable ask to search everything, soldeirs messes their things to find jewelry. one soldeier finds stolen jewelry from their things, they are shocked.

soldiers brings out stolen jewelry from Anarkali’s things, shopkeeper says this is my jewelry, this girl stole it, Anarkali says i didn’t steal it, someone is framing me, people says this family is betrayer, Anarkali says i am not robber, mughal constable says that this Rashid is root of all this, take him, Rashid is being taken from there.

Anarkali pleads them to not take Rashid, Haidar comes there and ask what is happening here? constable says that these people steal things, Haidar ask to leave Rashid, this might be some mistake, he says to Anarkali that if this mistake happens again then it will be bad for you, Anarkali thanks him, Haidar grabs her by hand and says you know why you are pardoned today? because Salim’s revenge isn’t fulfilled yet, she is shocked, Haidar says you are free today because you have to bear much more pain, more disrespect than this, you spoiled Salim’s childhood now you have to pay for this, from today your life will be made hell as its Salim’s wish, Anarkali is shocked, Haidar leaves,….. Sad music plays……. she recalls how Salim promised that he will make her life hell, how he said that people will remember him for his hatred for her.

Hamida is happy that Salim is handling preparations of function, Salima says Salim did right as this way Murad and Daniyal will at least do some work, all laughs, Aram says we will enjoy a lot in function, one wife ask what special will happen in function, other girl says that Salim is handling everything so it will be special, mehtab points that she will play music, Aram says i will dance, she plays ghungroos, Salim starts getting jittery listening to it, Aram is dancing with ghugroos in her feet, Salim recalls Nadira dancing, he gets angry, gets up from his place, Jodha ask what happened? Salim says i have some work, he leaves, Hamida says after becoming Heir, Salim has become responsible.

Jalal tells tansen that its not difficult, Tansen says i cant do it, Birbal says you are denying king? Tansen says i cant make you singer in such less time, Birbal says you saying that Jalal is dumb? tansen says nothing like that, Jalal says you think i cant learn new things, Tansen says nothing like that but singing is learnt for years, how can you learn it in days, Jalal says you have to work on it, Jodha has asked me for anything for first time so i have to give it to her, tansen says its impossible.

Birbal says how come? you used to say that with your music everything is possible, rain, can come, animals can sing with your music so how cant Jalal learn, Jalal says rightly said, i love my wife alot, i will work hard, i will try to learn, maybe i learn it, Tansen says ok as you wish, Jalal leaves. tansen says to Birbal that its all because of you, you know people cant learn singing in such less time but you forced Jalal for it, Birbal says you music can do everything, then try this too.

Salim is sitting by river side, he recalls how Anarkali hugged him in Dargah then how she said that she hate him too, how in childhood she complained to Jalal and he had to get punishment from Jalal to work in Fatima bi’s house, he sees flower there, he smells it and feels nice, then get conscious, and starts imagining Anarkali coming there, Anarkali says today i will stun him, she is approaching him when Salim feels her presence and says you are late but at least you came, Anarkali says how come you know that i came?

Salim says the flowers in your hairs, i smelled them and got to know that you came, Anarkali says these flowers have become my enemy too, Salim says but they are my friends as they tell me about your presence, they smile at each other, imagination ends, Salim throws the flower in river and says i hate this flower, i hate Anarkali, i hate everything that is related to her.

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On other side of the river, Anarkali tells her friend that i loved a person who is so cheap, he made my father ill, he accused me of robbery, friend says i cant believe that prince Salim can stoop so low, Anarkali says but i knew he would do something like this the time i got to know he is Salim, i knew he would do this, his mind is small, like in childhood, he is the same, i did mistake that i didnt recognize him, if i knew he was Salim, i wouldn’t have loved him, friend says love happens, the same flower come to their side by floating in river, friend says you like these flowers, Anarkali smiles seeing flower and says i still like them, these flowers are better than human, they are making me smile not pain. she cries.

Zil tells Rashid that get fine soon, Anarkali and friend comes there, Zil says his health is getting worse,don’t know why God is testing us, Anarkali ask her to eat, Zil says you eat, i have eaten, Anarkali says don’t lie, i know you are hungry, you eat, i am with Rashid, Zil goes to eat, Anarkali tells her friend that Rashid is in this condition because of me, i don’t have money for his treatment, her friend Sakina gives her bangles to Anarkali and says you take it, Anarkali says what you are saying, Sakina says i am not a friend if i don’t help you in need, your father is my uncle too, don’t say no, my father is also against your family, she ask her to accept it.

Anarkali says no my father even wont like it, Zil says your intentions are right but your father will also scold you if he gets know that you came to meet us, Sakina ask then how will you afford Rashid’s treatment, Anarkali says its all happening because of me so i will do something for his treatment, Rashid coughs, Zil says we have to call doctor soon his health is not fine.

Salim says to princes that this is first function i am handling so it should be great, he gives duties to Murad and Daniyal, Murad says i need list for people who will be invited, Daniyal says to Salim that if you want then we will call Anarkali too, Salim gets angry. all leaves.

Haidar comes to Salim and says i got to know that Anarkali is in Agra, i have prepared for her destruction, the pain which you have suffered, she will suffer more, Salim says enough, you took her name today, never do that again, i dont want to see her face, Haidar thinks that She will not come infront of you but because of her you and Jalal will fight, Ruks comes there and hears their conversation, Salim says to Haidar that i want to go to same place where you took me last time (red light area), haidar says ok, Ruks comes in and says to Salim that i like it that you are working hard, Haidar leaves.

Ruks ask Salim you are going somewhere? Salim says i am not happy here, i am doing all these preparations for you, i have no relation with Jalal, i dont believe that Jalal wanted Bella and Farhan’s marriage, Ruks says i am happy that you respected my words, where are you going? Salim says to live life, i have come to know that love gives pain only. Salim says to Ruks that if i have to live with peace then i have to be away from love, i suffocate here, i am going to get peace.

Ruks says go then but come soon, he leaves, Ruks thinks that i know where you are going and i want you to go where you get peace.

Tansen is teaching Jalal how to sing, he tells him about categories of music, Jalal says if you teach me this way then i will take years to learn, let me sing without going in deep, he starts singing badly, Jodha comes there and smiles, Jalal stops seeing her, Jodha says why did you stop, Jalal says i am learning it very fast, right tansen?

Tansen awkwardly agrees, Jodha says you will learn things which tansen learned in years, the way you mixing categories of music in one another is commendable, you know you are great student, teachers have to suffer whole life to get students like you, right tansen? tansen sulks, Jalal thanks Jodha for praising then understanding that she is digging at him, Tansen leaves.

Jodha asks Jalal are you angry? i am sorry, Jalal says don’t ask forgiveness, laugh at me, you know i cant sing but you are forced me to do this and when i am trying then you are making fun of me, Jodha says you were singing great, the more great thing is that you are trying, i know you will sing well in jashn (Party) , Jalal ask then why you were making fun of me? Jodha says you also tease me at time, you look cute when you are angry and more cute when you slightly smile, Jalal starts smiling, he says to Jodha that you have asked a very difficult gift from me but as you asked so i will give it, he hugs her, she smiles.

In red light area, Salim and haidar comes to enjoy the dance of girls, manager welcomes them, Haidar and Salim sit, haidar ask manager to present something different, she says most beautiful girls will come now, girls comes and starts dancing and singing, Salim drinks and recalls Nadira dancing seeing ghungroos, be gets angry as he recalls his memories with Anarkali, he gulps drinks, he holds hand of one girl, manager says whom you will select will be yours, Salim gets up and without seeing girl and says that i like this girl only, haidar will select from other girls, he takes the girl from there to go in private.

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Haidar is tensed, manager ask girls to come in front of haidar so that he can select, Haidar feels tensed and says i dont need them, go from here, one girl ask aren’t we beautiful or are we less for you, other girl says that he is shy, Haidar says nothing like that, he takes one girl with him and goes to private.

Birbal tells Jodha that Tansen will forget singing while trying to make Jalal learn singing, Jodha laughs, Birbal says wife’s wish is husband’s command, your wish has made both Tansen and Jalal tensed, Jalal comes there and ask whats going on here? tell jodha how much hard working i am doing? Birbal says that wives also do hard work, husband only wish love and trust from wife, he says i don’t want to disturb you both and leaves.

Jodha tells Jalal that he was right, husbands only need love and respect, Jalal says he was wrong, if that was the case then i would hope love from all my wives but i hope to get love from you only, Jodha blushes, Jalal holds Jodha’s hand, they talk and enjoys each other’s company…… Music plays……

Haidar brings girl to room, he starts feeling jittery, girl holds haidar’s hand and makes him sit on bed, she gets romantic with him and says i am your servant not snake to bite, i am with you for this night, i always wanted to be in your arms, i like you a lot, do you like me?

Haidar is sweating and says i like you, she hugs him and says let me serve you then, Haidar moves away and says i am fine, and leaves the place.

Haidar comes in jungle and is shivering, he shouts and is all sweating, he takes hunter in his hand, takes off his clothes, his body is bruised, haidar hurt himself with hunter and recalls how girl was close him, he starts bleeding.

Jodha is giving duties to Zakira, Daniyal comes there and says that i think Salim is angry with me, i just asked him that we should call the girl from Amer whom he likes and he got angry, Jodha thinks i know why he is angry, he wants mann bai to come here but cant say in front of all, Jodha says when Salim comeback, i will teach him a lesson for getting angry at you, dont worry, that girl is coming and all family members, mann bai, bhagwan das are coming.

Daniyla thinks that its good that Anarkali is coming and i am happy that mann bai is coming, Jodha leaves.

Daniyal thinks that i am happy you are coming mann bai, i didn’t meet you in Amer but will spend time with you here, don’t know how Salim will react knowing that Anarkali is coming here.

Girl gets closer to Salim, she hugs him, Salim hugs her back, he kisses her cheeks, she says i always wanted to see heir and see you are here today with me, i love you prince, Salim throws her away and says love? i have no place for love in my life, i am not here to love, love doesn’t exist in this world, girl says ok if not love then you have pain, and i will change your pain to peace, Salim turns to look at her and is shocked as he imagines Anarkali there, Salim says why don’t you go from here? you bruised my heart every time, in childhood, now in young age, i shouted on you, i got angry on you but i am more angry on myself that i gave place to you in my heart, i am running away from my heart, why did you come in my life which you destroyed first, why i am not forgetting you, why you come to me every time, Salim comes out of imagination, girl ask we met now only, what you are talking? you have so much pain in life, dont worry i will take out pain from your heart and will fill it with love, she tries to get intimate with him but Salim pushes her away and says i dont need you, he leaves the place.

Salim and Haidar are going back, Haidar tells Salim that i felt so much peace today, and that girl was woo, he ask Salim what about you? Salim says i want to go from here, i dont like this place, Haidar ask what happened? tell me with open heart, Salim says i hate Anarkali, she cant go away from my mind, wherever i go, her memories come there, she didn’t leave me even today, why cant i forget her, Haidar says you are not able to forget as your revenge is not over yet. Episode Ends Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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