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The final episode begins with Ruks crying in her room. Jalal comes there and he see her on floor and cry. Jalal say here you want to meet me?. hearing this she stand up and come near Jalal. Jalal say stay there don’t forgot you are a criminal and i am shensha. whatever you want to say stay away and say.

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Ruks say i understand Jalal my crime is not forgettable but what i did do because of jealousy because i feel because of Jodha, you went away from me. you give business responsibility to jodha. and she become khash begum and also give her queen if India title.

And you give your heart also to her which are mine. and what did i get? on your life i don’t have right. your life your world your everything starts with Jodha and ends with her. and i can’t tolerate this. so i did mistake. please forgive me Jalal.

Jodha Akbar Teasers June 2021 Zee world

Jodha Akbar Teasers June 2021 Zee world

Jalal says, Ruks you mean whatever you did till today is to see jodha begum down. right?
you know because of you today mugal saltant is facing problems. because of you my life is at risk. every time i forgive you because you are my childhood friend but today you cross all your limits. i don’t want to see your face. but because of jodha begum i came here. she always accpet you. she always feel your pain.

Ruks plead at Jalal’s feet. and says please forgive me for one last time. i will never do this again even in my dreams. please forgive me. Jalal says how can i forgive you Rukaiya.
You have stooped so low, pack your stuffs and get ready to leave Agra. He leaves.

Jalal comes in Harem. Jodha becomes tensed and ask maid to giver her cloths. Jodha tells Jalal don’t you know I’m bathing. Jalal says i know. Jodha says you are shameful after knowing this you came here.

Jalal says today is a special day. so i want to make your bath special. don’t feel shy Jodha begum this right no one get even malika e hind also not only one person get. my soulmate. whom i love so much. who is my life who is my jodha begum. i also know how to bath someone. I will give you bath with my own hand. whole world will see today how much you mean in my life. Jodha says Jalal ruks also stay in your heart. if today i am not here so Ruks will get this. what happened why are you silent. Jalal says i don’t want to talk about this.
Later, Jodha comes in Ruks room she give clothes to her for the celebrations. but she did not accept and tells her to give it to some other begum. i can’t dress for this celebrations. salima comes there. she also request her to attend the celebrations but Ruks says now no happiness is left for me when Jalal don’t want to see me. what will i do there. Please forgive me, i can’t come.

In a different scene, Salima helps murad to dress. he tells her you are a good mother but i never became a good son. you always stay loyal and help Mughal saltant. please forgive me mother.

Salima says don’t say this. i so much love you and i don’t know how i live without you. i made kheer for you. i know you love kheer made by me.
Rahim comes and sees this he say i hope shensah sends me away too

Birbal comes in Anguri Baag to meet Jodha. Jodha tells him about Ruks condition and also say with out her shensha can’t stay happy so give me some solution to solve this problem. birbal says one solution is there. he tells her something.

In Jalal’s room Jalal tells jodha you are thinking what exactly did Ruks did to deserve this punishment compare to her crime. why you don’t trust on my decision you feel she is not a criminal.
Jodha says i know she committed a big mistake. I’m also angry at her but i give one her a chance. Jalal replies i don’t want to give her a chance i already gave her so many chances.
Jodha says Shensha before this celebrations she want to leave agra.
Jalal gets angry and says, after all what Ruks did to you, you still want to give her a chance.

Jodha says because i know how much she loves you. so please one last time forgive her. Jalal says no. whatever happens i am not going to forgive her. Jodha says you don’t have right to punish her. Jalal says i don’t have right? she says yes you don’t have because this business works under me. so i have right to give punishment.

Jalal says so you want to give punishment, give but don’t misuse this and and don’t forgive her. if i feel you did not give right punishment i will continue my punishment.

She says i will give her proper punishment.

Hoshiyar comes and tells Rukaiya you can’t go.
Ruks says so now you also have the right to order me, Hoshiyar says is Jalal’s decision.
Ruks gets happy thinking Jalal has forgiven her but Hoshiyar tells her now Jodha will give you your punishment.

Jalal announced that Ruks is now Jodha’s criminal so she will give her the punishment, he tells Jodha not to forget the law and act accordingly.
Jodha announces that Ruks crime is big so I’m not going to act as a woman but as Queen.

I therefore challenge Ruks to Kabul to go and stay and work there till we see changes in her since she wants to prove she has really changed, after that she can return to Agra.

Salima and Hamida are glad with Jodha’s decision, Jalal smiles.

In a different scene, Jalal tells his ministers that Jodha deserve all this, he present a new coins on Jodha’s name and also official stamp on her name, Ruks says stop, all looks at her, Ruks says it was only me who didn’t want Jodha to be given all this but today i know that only Jodha deserve all this

Fazal says she has done alot, Todar says she is excellent in business, Birbal says she can forgive anyone, Ruks says if you allow me then i want to give this stamp and respect from my hands to her, Jalal gives to her, Ruks present her coin which has name engraved on it.

Jodha is impressed, she folds hand and thanks Jalal, all chant for her, Ruks ask Jodha to take coins and says you serve this respect, Jodha folds her hand to Ruks and takes it, Ruks says i order to distribute these coins to all, she chant for her.

At night, Ruks comes to Jodha’s room and ask can i come in? Jodha says yes, Jodha says i am sorry i couldn’t remove your punishment, Ruks says sometimes we don’t understand a person whole life but you understand same person in one second, when you entered this palace, i knew you are good person, it angered me, i knew i cant stand up to your level of goodness that’s why i kept disrespecting you, i want to say sorry, she sit at her feet.

Jodha ask her to get up, Ruks says you made my punishment a challenge so that i am not embarrassed and also opened way for me to comeback, you have given new life to Jalal, you have changed him from Jalal to Akbar, your love has changed him, your love won over my hatred and i salute, i will pray that your love will remain same for Jalal, she hugs Jodha.
Ruks is leaving for Kabul, Jalal comes to Ruks and says no punishment is given to show enmity, it is to change person, you are my friend and i don’t want you to lose, Jodha has given you challenge and i want you to win.

Ruks says you think your Ruks cant do it? Jalal says the Ruks i know always win, Ruks smiles and says i will soon prove that i am not less than Jodha, i will do it as it is my life, i cant live without you for many days, Jalal says i will wait for you, he hugs her.

She cries profusely, she says i will leave now, she sit in palanquin and leaves.

At night, Jodha is lying on bed and not getting sleep. she thinks Moti has come in room and without looking at her says please message my feet, Jalal starts messaging her feet.

She says i have now opened door for Ruks to return here, all is fine, she turns and sees Jalal there, she gets up and says why you are touching my feet, i am your wife.

Jalal says you also massage my feet, Jodha says someone might see us, Jalal says no one can come here without my order, Jodha says then serve me nicely, massage my hand, she smirks, Jalal starts massaging her hand. 

Jodha then says my head is aching, massage it, she lies her head on his lap, he massage her head,Jodha says everything is fine in end, Jalal says yes it happened all because of your wisdom, you have shown me way everytime, Jodha says no this all because of your faith in me, Jalal says it happened because of our love, they hug.

Soul Talk- Jalal says that night was beautiful.

Jodha’s soul says yes, i was recalling our journey, remember once i promised to behead you infront of kali maa.

Jalal says i was running behind you to see your face. Jodha says remember that day when i had put sword on your neck as i thought you were a soldier.

Jalal says how could you kill me that day as you had to become my life partner, my queen, Jodha says i never thought that the one i wanted to kill, i will be praying for his life, Jalal says your love changed me, i had to follow your wish, i bowed my head to Kali maa.

Jalal says then your hatred changed into love for me, Jodha says we didn’t know that this love will change us fully.

Jalal and Jodha’s flashbacks are shown, how they confessed, how their love strengthened with time.

Jodha says small things kept bringing us together, Jalal says your sword fighting impressed me, i cant explain your greatness, i still remember how you fought with Abul Mali to protect me, Jodha says i had to protect you as you were my life.

Voice over says this was story of Jalal and Jodha, the journey from Hatred to Love, from changing person to the better, this love story is historical and will be remembered for years.


I just can’t believe the series is over, have been working on this series for almost a year now, 566 episodes journey. One of the series i enjoyed every single bit, Jalal and Jodha are one unique couple we won’t forget, their love story is something to talk about, i didn’t like how they ended Anarkali and Salim’s story. Even tho that’s exactly what happened in history but the writers could have done something about it. All the same Jalal and Jodha’s love will forever remain in our hearts. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below, blaster series deserves your reactions for our good work done.

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