Alexander Hammerstone Reflects On His Lengthy Feud With Jacob Fatu, Says He’s Excited For Fans To Watch MLW Fightland

MLW superstar Alexander Hammerstone recently appeared on the Shining Wizards podcast to discuss his ongoing feud with CONTRA Leader Jacob Fatu ahead of their world title clash on this evening’s Fightland. Highlights from the interview are below.

Reflects on his lengthy feud with Jacob Fatu:

“It’s awesome. Not only for myself, but for the fans. I love wrestling that I can really sink my teeth into. Nowadays is one era of cold matches where people just book two guys who are good wrestlers against each other – and that’s fun in its own way – but that requires basically just, you’re just trying to deliver as much action and non-stop oohs and aahs in the ring because nothing necessarily means as much. Whereas, when you have a long-built feud that’s been developing over the course of months or even years in this situation, everything has that much more meaning behind it. Everything has that much excitement behind it. You can get more excited for a stare down or lock up than sometimes people get for high spots in matches that maybe don’t have a buildup. It’s really interesting. It’s really awesome. It’s really unique. And I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Say he’s excited to see fan feedback for Fightland:

“I’m stoked to see the feedback. Hopefully this is an event that not only MLW fans are watching but draws in a lot of new fans. It means a lot, because every step of my career has been a steady climb up, and each step, you’re working towards the opportunities I’m finally getting right now. Holding a championship on national television, working towards world championship main event fights. This is what I worked for for a long time. MLW gave me a shot when a lot of people were telling me no. Now people are telling me you should go here or go there and do this and that. I don’t think a lot of people understand, MLW gave me a shot, and they’ve invested a lot in me. Now I’m just trying to pay that back to them. It feels great, and I hope this Thursday goes as planned.”

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