Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Emperor ashoka on glow tv, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Helena’s soldiers lits fire on arrows and throws it on palace, palace catches fire, chaos is created in palace, Bindu is confused. prime minister says seems like all gates are closed, soldier says we will get burned here. Raj comes to Helena, he ask where is Agni and Justin? Helena says Agni has gone to find Ahenkara and Justin saw Noor.

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Nicator says palace is catching fire, we have to leave, Raj says but Agni and Ahenkara is here too, Nicator says i dont want to be burned down, lets leave, Helena says what about Justin? Nicator says lets wait for them near dungeon.

All are running in palace, Bindu ask Subhrasi and Drupat to stand still. Chanakya says to Ashok that you have to protect royal family, Ashok says i will go to protect them, Dharma says no you will not go anywhere, Ashok says no this is my responsibility, you should bless me, if anything happens to Chanakya then i wont be able to forgive myself, Chanakya says to Ashok that find the way from which enemies will go out of palace and remember dont move back to help anyone, its your responsibility to finish all enemies, you have to be alert to find them and finish them, if you can do it then accept it? Ashok says i accept this responsibility and i will do anything to fulfill my duties, he touches Dharma’s feet, she blesses him, Chanakya blesses him and ask him to go, Ashok leaves, Dharma cries.

Everyone is running, soldier says we will burned here, Prime minister says it will not happen, he tries to find wat out, Helena’s soldiers are killing people with arrows too, Drupat faints due to heat, Bindu ask charu and Subhrasi to hide behind pillars because of arrows hitting them.

Charu hides behind pillar and says where is sushim? Aakramak says to Vasu that if we dont stop these soldiers from attacking then our soldiers wont be ale to protect Bindu’s family. one soldier is about to kill dasi, Ashok stops him and ties him with curtain, he takes his sword and starts fighting with Helena’s soldier. one soldier attack Sushim but he fights with him, Ahenkara finds dagger there, she takes and leaves from there, Sushim is shocked to find her gone, he fumes in anger.

Noor and Siamak are running to go out of palace, Noor says i wont let anything happen to you Siamak, she finds Helena’s soldiers there, they surround them, Noor beats them, snatches sword from them, siamak also fight with them, Khurasan sees them and is about to go to them, soldier attacks him and is about to kill him but Justin saves him by killing soldier.

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Agni meets Ahenkara and says i was finding you, we have to leave from here, Ahenkara says you knew about this compiracy? Agni says this revenge for my father’s death, Ahenkara says he died while protecting his land and if you wanted revenge then you could have attacked from front, will you be able to forgive yourself for doing all this? whats fault of Bindu’s family and sons in all this? Agni says we will die here, lets leave, Ahenkara says its better to die then run like cowards, she leaves from there.

Khurasan ask Justin to save Siamak and Noor, Justin comes to them and fights with soldiers. soldier attacks noor on head, she faints in Justin’s hands.

Ashok is trying to figure way out, he recalls ways to go out from dungeon, he says i entered dungeon from left side so outside way will be on left side.

Bindu is fighting with soldiers too. Justin makes Noor lie on floor, he goes to find Siamak. Nicator says to Raj till when we will wait here? Raj says i will not go without Agni and Ahenkara, Helena says i will not go without my son, i didnt give him birth to see him die here.

Nicator says he is dying to his love and you are caring about him, Helena says i cant let my son die here, she goes to find Justin, Nicator says to Raj that there should be someone remaining to enjoy deaths of mauryas, if you want to wait for your daughters then stay and wait for death i am going, he leaves, Raj also runs from there.

Agni comes and finds Noor lying on floor unconscious, she recalls how justin confessed that he loves Noor alot, she recalls how Noor used to taunt her, she points dagger at Noor. otherside Helena’s soldier catches drupat and points sword at him, Bindu is stunned. Ashok is also caught by soldier.

Palace is burning, Agni says Justin is mine, she is about to attack Noor but Noor wakes up and moves away, Agni says i didnt want get my hands dirty with your blood but you have not left any choice for me, both ladies start fighting with each other, Noor beats Agni.

Soldier says to Ashok that now you are caught, Ashok thinks that if gate of dungeon gets closed then i wont be able to find enemies and also we will be stuck here, he starts fighting with soldier, he takes sword from him and leaves.

Raj and Nicator get out of dungeon and are closing gate, Ashok comes there, he stops closing of gate with his sword, he finds soldier and says you are betrayer, you cant win against Magdh, Solider says first win over me then say all this, other soldiers come there too, subaho and Vasu comes there and fights with them, soldiers runaway, Ashok says i will bring all here, you both stay here, Vasu ask how will you remember way till here again? Ashok cuts his hand and says my blood drops will keep me aware of way to here, he leaves to bring Bindu and family.

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Helena is finding Justin, she says why he doesnt understand priorities of his life, many noor can come in his life, justin comes in hall and finds soldier putting sword on Drupat’s neck, he says to Soldier that leave Drupat, he is innocent kid, Helena sees this and says i have planned everything to kill them and Justin is saving them only, he is a fool, Subhrasi ask soldier to leave Drupat, Justin says to Soldier that if you leave drupat then i assure you, you will not get punishment, we will free you, soldier says we dont need freedom, we wan end of Maurya dynasty, he is about to kill Drupat, Bindu attacks soldier, he is dead, Justin and Aakramak starts fighting with other soldiers, Bindu says before trying to finish Mauryas, first see their power, you will Magdh’s samrat? he kills soldiers, he says to other soldiers that you tried to kill my family, tried to kill royal family, you will get death, its on you how you want your death?

Soldiers get afraid of him and kills themselves, Bindu hugs Drupat, He hugs Subhrasi, siamak comes and hugs him too, palace is burning, Helena says to justin that come with me, i have dome all this for you, Justin says this my bad luck, Helena says if you dont go then i will not go too, Justin is shocked.

Noor says to Agni that justin is mine only, i am not only his love but also mother of his and Justin loves his son Siamak alot, Agni is shocked, Noor throws away Agni, she falls on floor and stone which is burning falls on her, Agni is burned in fire.

Radha says to Chanakya and Dharma that we should leave from here, dont know when Ashok will come, Ashok comes and says i have found way out of this palace, i have marked way with my blood drops, Dharma ties cloth on his wound, he says you people go out of palace, i will bring bindu and his family, Dharma says i will wait for you outside gate, Ashok says i will come for sure, Chanakya says to Ashok that go to bindu, this palace can fall down at any time.

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Helena is taking Justin out, she finds Ashok running, she says this means Ashok got to know about our plan, why did i call him here? Justin finds Noor standing in corridor, he goes and hugs her, he says i wont let anything happen to you, Helena is stunned to see him hugging Noor, justin takes Noor with him.

Bindu says to soldiers that break gate of palace, Khurasan says no, if we break it then whole palace will fall down, Ashok comes there and says i have found way out of palace, all get happy listening this, he takes everyone with him, Bindy finds Helena in corridor and takes her too, charu finds Sushim and ask him to come with her, Sushim ask where is Ahenkara? he finds her standing near pillar and says i wont let anything happen to you, he takes ahenkara and Charu with him.

Soldier informs Nicator that royal family must have got to know about your conspiracy, Nicator kills soldiers, Nicator hurts himself, PRECap, Raj says you betrayed me and its beginning of our animosity, Nicator runs from there.

Ashok brings everyone to secret gate of palace, he takes off sword from it and gates starts closing again, Ashok holds gate, siamak and sushim helps him to hold gate so that it doesnt close, Ahenkara comes and helps too, sushim ask her to go out, all are going out of gate, bindu goes out too, all comes out of gate and its get closed, all members are going through dark way in dungeon to come out.

Chanakya says to Radha that we cant wait now, Radha says what about protection of royal family? Chanakya says i trust Ashok, he will save them, Dharma says i will not leave without taking Ashok, chanakya says Khurasan can see you here so lets leave, Ashok brings out everyone out of palace, he stops, Vasu ask him to come out too, Ashok says i feel like someone is still in palace, Vasu says all have gone out, palace is falling down, lets go, Ashok says no you go, i will come later, Vasu and subaho leaves.
nicator is injured, Helena meets him, she ask justin to help Nicator, justin doesnt helps first but then gives him support and takes him from there. Ashok goes in dungeon and ask if anyone is remaining?

Ashok sees Bindu’s on ground and is stunned, he finds Bindu unconscious there, he ask Bindu to get up, he cries and says i have always hated my father but i have always loved you as my father and now you are leaving me too. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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