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Anglican Devotional 16 August 2022 – Enduring Hardships

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The Daily Fountain Devotional of the Church Of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 16 August 2022 – Enduring Hardships

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TOPIC: Enduring Hardships

TEXT: 2 Corinthians 6:1-10 (NKJV)

  1. We then, [as] workers together [with Him] also plead with [you] not to receive the grace of God in vain.
  2. For He says: “In an acceptable time I have heard you, And in the day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now [is] the accepted time; behold, now [is] the day of salvation.
  3. We give no offense in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed.
  4. But in all [things] we commend ourselves as ministers of God: in much patience, in tribulations, in needs, in distresses,
  5. in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors, in sleeplessness, in fastings;
  6. by purity, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Spirit, by sincere love,
  7. by the word of truth, by the power of God, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left,
  8. by honor and dishonor, by evil report and good report; as deceivers, and [yet] true;
  9. as unknown, and [yet] well known; as dying, and behold we live; as chastened, and [yet] not killed;
  10. as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and [yet] possessing all things.


Hardships are experiences which cause suffering or deprivation. They are unpleasant happenings which make life unbearable and sorrowful for an individual. These events result in physical pain and emotional torture. Apostle Paul, in our text today, listed what he described as troubles, hardships and distresses which are: Beatings, imprisonments, hunger, dishonour, bad reports, misrepresentations, unappreciated affection, riots, sleepless nights and hard work.

He went further to add his coping strategies in all the uncomfortable situations which included endurance, patience, kindness, righteousness, rejoicing, working to better the lives of others, contentment, truthful speech, sincere love, purity, understanding, and above all, relying on the power of God. It is often said that Christianity is not a bed of roses. Life is full of challenges and so is ministry. Christians working day and night to snatch souls from the grip of Satan and his agents must expect confrontation from the evil one. Hardship is a tool employed by Satan to discourage or entirely stop a faithful minister of the Gospel. Whatever you are passing through at the moment, you must realise that it is expected and for you to be unshaken and unmoved, you must employ the coping principles of Apostle Paul and depend on the power of God to see you through. It is only then that you will not disappoint God who has called you or let down those who look up to you as a role model.

PRAYER: O Lord, keep me strong and focused in the face of adversity and distresses. Enable me to see You in times of trouble and grant me victory over them all in Jesus’ Name.