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Fights, jealousy happen in all marriages – Polygamous Botswana pastor addresses people criticizing him for ‘making polygamy look pretty and nice’

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Popular Botswana pastor, Seraki Kemmonye Seraki, has taken to his social media page to address critics who say polygamy is not as ‘pretty and nice’ as he portrays it on social media.
Responding to followers, Seraki who is proudly married to two Wives, reacted to his Facebook post on Thursday, June 1, said that fights and rivalry are part of polygamy and he has never made it look easy.

In his words ;
“I never said polygamy is easy. I mean, I live polygamy daily, I know it’s ups and down. I am not the standard of polygamy, my failures and successes do not guarantee anything to any other person out there,” he said.
“If I fail, it does not mean you will fail. I have done so many things people told me I can’t do and aced them. We live once…if you strongly believe in something, do it. At least you would have tried.”
“Just like any family out there, we fight, and I came across a few fights! We also differ on certain issues! From simple things as naming of kids to investments! It’s a whole array of feelings! We don’t like our past, or the past! We do everything in our power to avoid the past, but this morning I realized that my past, my past with my wives have so many beautiful memories. Once in a while, sit alone and revisit your past with your partner, there are so many good memories over there! What is happening right now does not represent everything about you guys, at times, use your past as a spring board to love each other again! I love you Kagiso. I love you Mpho.”