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“No daughter of Jesus should dress to k!ll” – Clergyman tells Christian ladies

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A popular clergyman, identified as Pastor Sam, has advised Christian ladies to dress modestly and respectably at all times.
Pastor Sam gave the advice in a post on his Twitter account while sharing his thoughts on people “dressing to kill”. 

According to him, no daughter of Jesus should dress to kill, as they are not like the devil, who only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
His words,
“No daughter of Jesus should dress to kill. You’re not Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Dress modestly and reasonably. Let the brothers also learn self control. Sisters wearing sack won’t stop you. It’s not that deep. All the sophistry don dey too much.”

In other news, a UK-based Nigerian man has opined that a woman has failed as a wife if her husband doesn’t gain weight following years of marriage.
Taking to Facebook, the man identified as Austin Deko, asserted that a woman is a failure if her spouse does not get fatter after five years of marriage.
He wrote on Friday, April 14,
“You have failed as a woman if your husband didn’t gain weight after 4 to 5 years he married you.🙄”
His statement has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many women bashing him for labelling women a failure over a trivial issue.