Deals and Discount Coupon Websites in Nigeria

With the economic recession in Nigeria, the last thing anybody wants to do is being imprudent. It is becoming increasingly necessary to save as much as you can when shopping both online and offline.



And because of the ongoing digital revolution and the sharp increase in online shopping, knowing the top deals and discount coupon websites in Nigeria is important.

Google especially has made it even easier to find these shopping sites. A simple search of the item you want to buy will present them to you in multitudes.

What Google has not made easy is finding the deals and coupon codes you need when you

most need them. Also, many special deals and discounts are happening in many different

shopping sites scattered all over the internet. You simply can’t burst into the several hundreds of online shops one by one to get the needed information.

You can try to search Google for specific coupon codes but there is a high probability that the results Google will turn out will have you filtering through several months of expired coupon codes before you find one that works. That is if you find one at all.

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So, to save you the stress, we have compiled a list of the top 5 deals and discount coupon

websites in Nigeria dedicated to collecting coupons and finding great discounts on online goods.

These top 5 deals and discount coupon websites in Nigeria are reliable and keep you updated with the best offers and deals possible for your online shopping.

Hopefully, staying tuned to these sites will help you save more when you are shopping online. So, without further ado, let’s get to know these websites.

Top Deals And Discount Coupon Websites In Nigeria


Kimbino Green uses an innovative approach to help customers interact with the offers from their business partners. They distribute coupons and discount deals leaflets and catalogues to customers in an ecological way. This way, they are able to address potential clients effectively and inspire them to make a purchase.

Kimbino is not only a website, it is also an application that makes shopping fun. Kimbino brings discounts within the reach of online shoppers in the most effective way.

2. Picodi

Picodi is one of the deal sites in Nigeria. It is a well-established coupon company that helps you find good deals and discount coupons in Nigeria.

They serve many big brands both locally and internationally. Such brands include Jumia, Aliexpress, Qatar Airways and others. Picodi differentiates itself from its competitors by providing promotional codes, not from local, shopping outlets alone but outlets from all over the globe.

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They are among the largest discount platform in the world as they make sure you are never disappointed with whatever coupon you are looking for.


This is one of the pioneer coupon and deal site in Nigeria. They have been around for a while and their mission statement is to improve the ease at which Nigerians find digital offers when they are available.

Their website is an aggregation of wide varieties of digital offers across different industries, spanning from food to fashion and beauty.


This is a deal and coupon site in Nigeria that is gaining fast tempo. They help consumers save big on their shopping by providing them with the best deals.

Unlike Picodi, most of their coupon codes are from major Nigerian stores and they are just going international.

The exciting thing about Naira Bargain is, while they help shoppers save money on their

purchases, shoppers still get cashback when the purchases are made through their platform.


Collectoffers is a great coupon website that also offers deals from many Nigerian stores. They are one of the largest deal aggregation websites and collect the latest deals and coupons from top brands like Jumia and Konga for consumers’ use.

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Shoppers can save more on their purchases by using coupons or voucher codes on the site. There are also massive discount deals on several sales items from top stores and outlets

available on the website. The search tool on their website makes it easy to discover discount offers on a particular brand product of interest.


Everyone loves to get the best deals for whatever they are shopping online. We all love to get the things we want for the lowest price possible, and online shopping has made that easy. It has become really easy to make price comparisons by checking into the different online shopping platforms.

While these top 5 deals and discount coupon websites in Nigeria may not be the solution to all your financial troubles, they will surely make a difference. And here in Nigeria, that difference matters.

That discount achieved at every shopping transaction may not be significant at first but will

make a big difference when it accumulates over time.

Also, we can’t vouch for how frequently the third-party websites on this list are updated but

when you stick with us here at, you are sure to get regular updates on the best

shopping deals and discount coupons.

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