CM Punk reportedly set to appear in upcoming Starz series Heels

CM Punk set to appear in upcoming Starz series Heels

According to a new report by PWInsider, former WWE Champion CM Punk is on set of the upcoming Starz series Heels, and is currently filming for the series.

It is being said that Punk has been in Atlanta for several weeks quarantining in advance of the role for the series, and that he will return to the ring as an adversary of the show’s lead star Stephen Amell.  The word is Punk’s character could be a recurring for the series and he will indeed be wrestling.

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Heelz drama is the story of two brothers, one a babyface and the other a heel in the ring, and their struggles on and off camera following the death of their father, who had been a  promoter of the Georgia-based wrestling promotion they both worked for.

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Also according to the report, back in 2017, Punk impressed casting directors so much that he tested for the series for the role of the heel brother, Jack Spade, but was not hired as the project was put on hold.  Longtime wrestler Luke Hawx is the wrestling coordinator for the series.

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Doc Gallows, Steve Richards, Perry Hawx have also filmed roles for the series.

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