Anambra: PDP governorship hopeful promises conducive business environment

anambra pdp governorship hopeful promises conducive business environment

From Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja

Ahead of the November 6, Anambra governorship poll, an aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP), Winston Ude, has promised to create a conducive environment for business to thrive, if elected governor.

Udeh stated this, after obtaining the expression of interest and nomination forms for the PDP governorship primary, at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja, at the weekend.

The governorship hopeful stated that his administration will put in place policies that will attract investments into the state.

He also promised to priotise the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in addressing the various challenges confronting the state, if he becomes governor.

“You have to create this enabling environment within the state to attract businesses. No business man wants to lose money. People are in business because they want to make profit.

“We have to create the enabling environment to bring our sons back to Anambra state so that they can help develop the state. Government cannot do it alone.

“When you bring people in, they create jobs, when they create jobs, you expand your tax base. Government only makes money from the taxes individuals pay. Forget about all these things where everybody comes to Abuja to come and collect their monthly allocation. You have to increase your tax base,” Udeh stated.

He added that his ICT revolution will begin from schools, noting that “we have to start from educating our people from elementary schools, to secondary schools.”

According to him, “most of the computer literacy they get are from outside and not from the school. Most of our primary and secondary schools don’t even have computer laboratories. So how can you compete with the outside world?

“We have to first of all start by establishing computer centres in most of our schools, in all our schools. We will make the children understand that they can do their home work and everything and send it through the computer. We will make the teachers computer savvy too. If your teacher does not know anything about computer, how on earth are you going to?”

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