Stroke as a brain disorder|causes,risk factors and Treatments

Definition of stroke: This is a disorder in which blood supply to the brain is cut off leading to certain symptoms which will be listed later.
Types of stroke also known cerebrovascular accident are of two types, and they include : -Ischaemic stroke -Haemorrhagic stroke Some might fully recover from stroke while two-third of those who have had stroke never recover from it.TIA or Mini-stroke Transient Ischaemic Attack is a form of stroke which present certain symptoms peculiar to all types of cerebrovascular accident but it fades off quickly and the patient recovers without is also known as Mini-strokeStroke symptoms It is important to note the symptoms associated with stroke as it can save life to recognize it Some of them include: 1. Weakness 2. Numbness 3. Vision problems 4. Dizziness 5. Slurry speech 6. Amnesia 7.involuntary eye movement.Risk factors of stroke include-Smoking -High blood pressure -Diabetes -high LDL -Brain aneurysm -inflammatory infectionsWho can treat stroke? A person with severe symptoms of stroke will need to be rushed to emergency room and Doctor to treat such patients include a neurologist, interventional radiologist etc.A physiotherapist will help look into the mental well-being of one suffering from stroke, exercises will help as well.Some symptoms of stroke are sudden hence we need to watch out for our health and those around us, Don’t hesitate to rush anyone that presents the listed symptoms above to hospital. safe a life today!

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