Secret of what really Makes a Happy family

The is made up of the father, mother and children where there is no child , you are free toadopt one. To be happy is to be joyous, having peace, comfort, contentment arising from favourable fortune. Every one wants to enjoy peace in the , as love radiates in the joy as love radiates in a joyous home.

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A lady who was at the age of marriage said she will be the happiest person in the world, if she gets married to a very rich man. Her prayer was answered but she never found peace. The marriage was full of fear, pain and fight etc.

A nother young girl got married to a poor man and gave birth to eight children, it was difficult to feed and educate them, there was no peace, and satisfaction in the home as the children depended on their neighbours for food.

My Little, friend got married to a pastor thinking that was the solution to her problem but to no avail, she later discovered that the pastor was a druck, womaniser and celebrates every night by beating her,.

Then you may ask your self what are things that can make my a happy one:

  1. You must discover God and make him the head of your home.
  2. Pray always to avoid temptation because each day is full of trouble.
  3. Everybody in the should rise up to his or her responsibilities.
  4. Stop being idle, be hardworking.
  5. Be respectful, husband to wife, wife to husband and children to parents.
  6. parents do not provoke your children to wrought.
  7. Do not promise what you cannot afford.
  8. Be truthful and honest to each other.
  9. Let the pain of one person be felt by others.
  10. Above all, learn to depend on God for every problem in the .
  11. Remove pride in your life and learn how to say sorry
  12. Learn to forgive one another and your family will be unique.

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Written by Mrs. Nzeribe juliet Maranatha

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  1. Words of wisdom, The post will definitely help one to have a happy family,

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