UK EdTech Startup announces Rent-a-Device service for teachers and lecturers in Africa to improve education infrastructure

On May 29, 2020 (Cambridge, UK) – PORGiESOFT, an EdTech startup based in
Cambridge with expertise in researching and developing technology solutions for , announced that it is launching a new service to address the infrastructure problem in . PORGiESOFT will be looking to enable teachers and lecturers to practise 21st-century by providing EdTech devices for a low monthly fee starting at £10.99.

Announcing the new initiative on May 29, George Brown, Chief Executive Officer, stated: “We are delighted to launch this new service; as more and more teachers and lecturers in switch to 21st-century teaching, we want to enable them to succeed. We are constantly on the lookout for ways we can deliver technology, smart educational tools and innovative infrastructure that will significantly improve the educational experience of our customers in and this new service is one of the little steps we’ve taken to make that possible.

The EdTech-ready laptops & tablets we will be providing under this service will be key in enabling 21st-century teaching and in increasing access to quality for teaching personnel in ”.

The EdTech devices will initially be owned by PORGiESOFT and will be provided to teachers and lecturers on monthly Rent-Only or Rent-to-Own subscription plans. The benefits will mean that teachers and lecturers that would ordinarily have struggled to own devices that would have enabled them to teach using technology can now do so, with only a low-monthly subscription to worry about.

If more teaching personnel in can increase the use of technology in their
teaching, in turn, more students will be prepared for the future. The rent-a-device service is scheduled to launch on July 1 2020 and new subscribers (i.e. teachers/lecturers in ) will be able to apply via PORGiESOFT’s website.

Mr Brown Chief Executive Officer at PORGiESOFT further commented: “The reality is that practising digital can be very challenging in Africa. That’s why we’ve already launched free EdTech AI Personal Assistants to support teachers, lecturers and students. Our products are already reducing some challenges with digital in Africa. Imagine being able to teach, create, learn, improve, boost productivity, carry out academic tasks and so much more but with a friendly assistant available to support you 24 hours a day.

Additionally, we’re already providing free EdTech training sessions for teachers,
lecturers and students in educational institutions in Africa to also help them
become 21st-century ready. Finally, this new EdTech rent-a-device service will further complement all that we’ve already done in bringing 21st-century education to Africa without a super-expensive or expensive price tag attached.”


PORGiESOFT is on a mission to modernise learning and teaching across Africa,
we are doing this by introducing 21st-century learning and teaching. We are an
EdTech startup based in Cambridge, but we actively work in Africa. We are trying
to modernise education in Africa and provide smart learning/teaching tools that
make learning enjoyable. We were founded in 2018.

We have invented the first EdTech AI Assistants – SAMANTHA ™ and Dr. JANE ™.
Our Free EdTech AI Assistants run on Windows (and Android phones
– coming soon) and are used by schools, colleges and universities across West
Africa. We aim to help teachers, lecturers and students become 21st-century
conversant in terms of their use of technology.

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