Trump Administration Proposes Jailing Migrant Families Indefinitely

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The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that would allow migrant children and their caregivers to be jailed by U.S. immigration agencies indefinitely. The proposed rule seeks to overturn the 1997 Flores agreement, which puts a 20-day limit on migrant family detentions. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Keven McAleenan said Wednesday the new rule would serve as a deterrent.

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan: “No child should be a pawn in a scheme to manipulate our immigration system, which is why the new rule eliminates the incentive to exploit children as a free ticket, or, as one gentleman in Guatemala told me, a passport for migration to the United States.”

The proposed rule drew intense condemnation from immigrant rights groups and human rights organizations. Amnesty International tweeted, “This is more than cruel. It’s beyond logic and humanity.” On Wednesday, President Trump once again said he’s looking into ending birthright citizenship for people born on U.S. soil — even though the right is enshrined in the Constitution under the 14th Amendment.

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