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Missing girl, 14, is found 10 days after vanishing from school

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A 14-year-girl who disappeared from a Colorado high school football game has been found alive 10 days after, at a home in Thornton, Colorado.


Chloe Campbell was found around 5pm on Monday, October 10, at a residential address, Maris Herold, the Boulder police chief, announced on Monday evening.


Police said she appeared to be unharmed.


“We have no belief at this time that she was held against her will,” the police said.

Chloe disappeared on September 30 after being spotted at a Boulder High School football game and was last seen by witnesses looking “intoxicated” on Boulder Creek Trail.


She was described as being with two “sketchy older men”, and her father said she was a “high risk” target for predators.


David Campbell said his daughter Chloe had been “struggling since the pandemic” and believed that she may have been targeted by traffickers.


Her parents launched a desperate attempt to bring their daughter home, by hanging flyers around town.

David Campbell warned those who he thought could have taken his daughter that he would find them, and the family will “never stop until Chloe is home safe.”

Days after her disappearance, the teenager’s parents said they were passed an ominous photo by one of their daughters’ friends from an anonymous Snapchat account.


While the image proved that she was alive, her parents said she looked “injured and unwell”.


Deputy Chief Stephen Redfearn said that Boulder police learned of her disappearance on October 1, when her father reported her missing.


However, Boulder police said they knew she was alive all the time and they were right in classing her disappearance as a runaway, rather than an abduction.


“While investigators continue to believe that Chloe ran away, there is an ongoing investigation into where she was and what occurred while she was separated from her family,” Maris Herold, the Boulder police chief, told a press conference on Monday evening after the teen was found.