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“I was constantly subjected to ridicule” – POS operator shares her ‘grass to grace’ story as she begins her university education abroad (video)

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A young Nigerian lady is currently in a celebratory mood as she finally achieved her lifelong dream of traveling abroad for her university education.
The lady, who worked as a POS operator before she traveled, took to her TikTok page to share her inspiring story.

According to her, after secondary school, while her friends were gaining admission into several universities in Nigeria, she worked in her parent’s POS shop.
She claimed that her former classmates, who were already in university, would usually look down on her and constantly subject her to ridicule whenever they came around.

However, this didn’t deter her, and now she has gained admission and traveled abroad for her studies.
“My classmates in Nigeria were all securing admissions into different universities, but I hadn’t even written the JAMB yet. I was managing my parents’ POS business and constantly subjected to ridicule whenever my classmates came to the shop.
It hurt me deeply, and I often cried and begged my mother to let me go to school in nigeria that I am tired of hoping I’ll school abroad. Her response was always reassuring, telling me to trust in God’s plan and be patient.
“Despite the uncertainties, I held onto my faith and decided not to write the JAMB exam. I believed that God would take perfect control.” She wrote.
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