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Untangled on zeeone, Saturday 12th November 2022 update

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Amitabh the jewelry isn’t here and so isn’t Diya. Pandit ji asks Depika where are rest of the people? Diya comes home. Depika and Kush are shocked ot see her. Depika asks where were you? Diya says I will tell you everything. Is the pooja starting? Let me get ready. Madhuri says stop. Where were you till now?

Diya says what happened maa? Whay are you all looking at me like this. Tina says Niharika time to start the drama. Amitabh asks for much did you sell those necklaces? Diya says what necklaces? He says the one you stole from Madhuri’s room. You switched off your phone so we think you are in trouble. I know middle class girls like you. Diya says what are you saying papa? Yes I went to get the necklace. When I heard about Arjun’s accident I put them all back. Kush says Depika said the same. Amitabh says I don’t trust her at all. Don’t be her lawyer. She did that drama of Arjun’s accident as well.

Diya says maa I didn’t even take any. Madhuri says where were you? Amitabh says now tell a story how you were in trouble. He says Niharika check her bag first. Niharika checks and says there’s nothing in it. He says yeah she must have left it at her parent’s place. Diya says please enough papa. She says Arjun why are you silent? Do you all think I stole? They are calling me a thief and you’re listening. Niharika says to Tina how is Arjun silent? Is he also doubting her? Amitabh says we know your dad doesn’t have a job. Someone had to get him money. so ou did this. You used a shortcut. Diya says you can’t accuse my parents. I want to help my parents but with my badminton.

Kush says someone must be trapping her. Amitabh says yeah she has many enemies. This is another story now. He says I know how to know people. Diya can never do that. Kush says Arjun say something. Amitabh says shut up. Amitabh says answer me where is the money Diya or I will call the police. Diya says I will only answer the police because their answers won’t hurt me. At least they will ask for proofs.

A man comes in and says is Diya here? He’s the jeweler. Tina gave him money. Amitabh says yes? He says Diya Mukerjee. Diya says who are you? He says you gave these necklaces to my staff. I recognized that these are Agarwal family’s. So I came here.

Scene 2
Karan calls Tina. He says I have to find out what’s hapepning in Agarwal house. Karan asks his guard who came to camp yesterday? He says no one. Radhu kaka came. Karan says Radhu helped Arjun. Karan calls somoene and says prepare an arrangement for Radhu.
The jeweler says these worth 1 crore. I would recommend you not to tell them. Diya says who are you? Amitabh says enough of lying. Diya says Arjun he’s lying. she says why are you lying? He says madam you brought them. Diya says Depika Kush, I didn’t steal. Someone is framing me. I didn’t steal you. Madhuri says I made a mistake by trusting you. You broke my trust. Diya says don’t say this maa. Madhuri says this shows your upbringing. Diya cries. Madhuri says Amitabh is right. This is your and your family’s truth. Diya cries. Amitabh says let me call the police. Madhuri says no. I don’t want any trouble in the pooja. Everything will happen outside the house. I won’t let her stay here. Get out of this house.

Diya cries and says Arjun.. please. Maa please don’t do this. I didn’t steal. Madhuri says get out. Diya walks towards the gate. Arjun claps. Everyone is shocked. Diya stops.

Arjun says wow what a drama. But there’s a twist in this drama. It hasn’t ended. Picture is left. Madhuri says are you still supporting her? Arjun says this isn’t the truth. Let’s try to find out the real truth. Diya says I didn’t steal. I don’t know this man. Tina says Niharika is gone. Arjun says Diya tell me the truth. Amitabh says what are you trying to say? Arjun says where were you since morning? Diya says do you also think I did this? Arjun says we all want to know where you were. Diya says no one is even letting me speak.

Diya says my friend called. Payal told Diya that her dad isn’t well. Diya said I am coming. SHe says I had to leave in emergency. I texted Arjun before leaving. Amitabh says show me. Diya says my phone is off. Amitabh says another lie? Show it on Arjun’s phone. Diya says Arjun show your phone. If you trust me, please do this. Diya says please show your phone. Arjun takes out his phone. Niharika says show me. She says there’s no message in it. So Diya is lying? Amitabh says I know your reality. I knew you were a liar. There’s no message. Kush says let me reboot the phone. He restarts and says Diya’s messages are here. He says papa.. I told you. Here it is. Kush asks Diya how did you help Payal? She says I took Payal to the hospital I was treated at.

Arjun says Diya didn’t steal. Then who did? Who went to Mr. Singh and how does he have them? Can you please answer. He says I don’t know. Arjun says to Mr. Singh did you see Diya? He says no I didn’t. Arjun says why did you lie then? I know you had to lie for your high profile clients. Right Ms. Tina Singhal? Tina is shocked. He says oh, I also forgot your best friend was also a part of it. Amitabh says so you will blame Niharika and Tina to save Diya? Arjun gives money to Sinha. He says you did it for money right? You won’t get business from our house. SAve your dignity and go. Tina says stop it Arjun you can’t insult me. He says why did you do this? Arjun says when I came home their plan was executed but I saw them. Amitabh says Tina can never do that. Arjun says I also have the proof. He plays the video of her saying you’ve to accuse Diya of selling these. Everyone is shocked.

Arjun says what a plan Tina. You wanted to backstab Diya to kick her out. And come back to my life. Well played. Madhuri is shocked. Mahduri says I never liked you but with time I accepted you. I felt so bad for you because I started calling you my daughter. I used to tell you what my heart felt. I didn’t know you were manipulating me. And you Niharika. you went against your family. Niharika says Tina did it. Please forgive me. She asked me to help her kick Diya out. It’s not my fault. I beg you mummy ji. I told her not to. She trapped. Arjun says last part of the drama. The house where women aren’t respect, God shouldn’t be there either. You pray to maa durga but insult Diya? You thought this would make maa durga happy? You have hurt Diya’s self respect. I have no hope from you. Give Diya her lost respect back. Apologize. Apologize right now.

Madhuri says DIya, we made a mistake in trusting you. We have hurt you. We are sorry. Arjun says your turn Mr. Agarwal.

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