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Cage of beauty AdomTv, Friday 11th November 2022 update

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Omkar appreciating Megha for hiding Tara. Megha says Tara is really not with me. Omkar is shocked. Megha says I had gone to take her, but she was not in her room. She says I thought she is outside and went there, but Vishaka’s guard caught me. Vishaka asks Mayura to drink water and says Omkar’s everything is yours now and he has nothing now.

Mayura says I don’t want anything as my daughter is not with me. Vishaka says he can’t hide Tara from you for long time. She says Omkar is habitual to stay in palace. Mayura says I want just my Tara.

She hugs Vishaka and cries. Vishaka smiles. Megha tells Omkar that she is sure that Tara is with Mayura and they have hidden here in the haveli. Omkar says he will go in the night to take his Tara back. He comes to the haveli later in the night and check in library and rooms. Mayura comes there with Vishaka and the lady guard. Mayura puts torch light on his face.

She tells that she knew that he will come and that’s why she made the arrangements beforehand. She asks what do you want, do you want the haveli papers. Omkar says I just need my Tara. Mayura says Tara is with you, stop acting. Omkar says you are acting, Tara is with me. Vishaka asks lady guard to throw him out. Omkar says I come with my wish and go with my wish too.

He says a mother understands when a father’s heart yearns for his daughter, but you didn’t understand. He says you didn’t do right by keeping her away from me, you will repent. Mayura is surprised. Omkar thinks where did she hide Tara? Mayura tells Vishaka that it doesn’t seem that he was lying. Vishaka asks her not to do foolishness and don’t come in his talks.

She says Tara is with Omkar. Mayura says she saw truthfulness in his eyes. Vishaka says seriously, did you read his eyes? She asks her to take rest and says my whole team is searching Tara. Mayura nods her head.

Omkar cries and thinks of his moments with Tara. Mayura also cries and thinks of Tara. Megha comes to Omkar and asks what is he doing? Omkar tells that Tara and he used to wish sitting outside, but today she is not with him. He says Mayura has snatched my haveli, my Tara, my peace and everything. He says I know that Mayura has hidden her somewhere, but she didn’t know that I won’t be at peace until I find her. Vishaka comes to a secret room in the haveli later in the night and opens the door. Tara is sleeping there or unconscious. Vishaka says whenever there is some theft, everyone search outside. She asks her to be silent and says she will send her very far, and nobody will know that Vishaka has kidnapped her. Tara in sleep, says Mamma Pappa, I want to be with you. Vishaka thinks of her brother, getting kicked by Manjari, and asking him to go. She looks at his pic and recalls tying rakhi to him. A fb is shown. She says his haveli is yours, and this is the result of your hard work. Vishal smiles. Fb ends. Vishaka recalls Manjari asking him to leave, while he pleads infront of her. Mayura gets Sanjay’s call and he tells her that he has kept eye on Omkar, but Tara is not there. Mayura says she has a feeling that some link is missing and asks him to keep an eye on Omkar.

Shankar tells Omkar that he will take care of Manjari. He tells that Mayura can’t kidnap Tara. Omkar says you are still taking her side and says he will search her anyhow. He gets a call and goes. Mayura prays to Goddess and asks her to make her meet her daughter. Vishaka is taking Tara out, along with the guard behind her. Tara says Mamma. Mayura hears Tara’s voice and turns. She sees Vishaka standing and says she has heard her voice. Vishaka says Tara is missing. Mayura goes. Vishaka calls someone and asks to take care of Tara and get her medicines. She sees Mayura going in a hurry and thinks if she saw Tara going somewhere. Omkar is in the hospital pharmacy and says he will bring Maa’s medicine. He collides with a lady and some medicines fall down from her hand. Omkar thinks this is the same medicines which is given to Tara and thinks who is this lady, if she is connected to her.

Shankar calls Mayura to their one bedroom house. He asks Mayura to see if Omkar has hidden Tara here. Mayura searches in the room. Shankar says you are right to snatch Omkar’s everything, but you are wrong and says Tara is not with Omkar.

Megha says Tara is not with him, he was wandering all night to search her. She says you have snatched his everything, where will he hide her? Mayura thinks where did Tara go?

Vishaka coming to Omkar’s house and calls Mayura. She says I came worriedly behind you. Mayura says Papa ji told that Tara is not Omkar. Vishaka says you believed them. She says she wants to help the ones who helps herself, but you don’t want to listen. She says you are trusting them here, and omkar must have taken Tara away from here. Shankar asks Mayura to believe her and says Tara is not with omkar. Vishaka gets a call and tells that her team saw Tara with Omkar. She asks Mayura if she wants to come and see with her eyes, or wants to trust them. Omkar follows the lady and thinks he will find Tara. Mayura, Vishaka and Shankar reach there. They hear Tara calling Mamma and Papa. They see a guy resembling Omkar sitting in the car. Omkar sees Tara in the room through the window and gets hopeful. Mayura believes that Omkar took Tara in the car and cries. Vishaka says it is your mistake to believe them. Mayura says it was my mistake to believe Omkar and promises herself not to leave him. She goes behind the car. Shankar and Megha go behind her. Vishaka smiles and thinks she wants Omkar and Mayura to doubt each other and they both ruin each other, just like Omkar and his mother ruined me and my brother. She says I will ruin Omkar for forever. Shankar stops Mayura. Vishaka thinks she has cried a lot and she will make Omkar cry, else her name is not Vishaka. Omkar reaches the room and calls Tara. Vishaka’s lady guard hits on Omkar’s head and he faints. The lady guard scolds the lady bringing medicine and says he followed you and came here, he is Tara’s father.

Vishaka asks Mayura not to trust Omkar and says he will never get better, I know such persons. She says it will be your biggest mistake if you trust him. Mayura hugs her and says I can’t tell you, that I feel peaceful with your support, else I would have lost hope to meet Tara. Vishaka says I found peace by helping you and says I am helping myself, by helping you. She gets a call and gets shocked. Mayura asks what happened, you seems to be tensed. Vishaka says she has to go and attend an important meeting. Mayura offers to come. Vishaka asks her to stay back. Mayura says she will talk to the Police.

Vishaka reaches to the place where Omkar is unconscious and asks the lady guard to take Tara away from there, and shall not leave any proofs. She tells unconscious Omkar, that she will not let him die easily, he shall bend down infront of her and cry. Omkar gains consciousness, but don’t see her face. He faints again. The lady guard tells Vishaka that Tara is made to sit in the car. Vishaka throws the teddy on him and says she won’t let him go empty handed. She gets Mayura’s call and goes. Omkar gains consciousness and checks his injury. He finds the teddy there and thinks Mayura has kidnapped Tara.

Mayura talks to the Inspector and asks him to see what he can do for her. Her dupatta get stuck in the painting frame and tries to free her Pallu and finds a big box behind the painting. She thinks how to take it out. Vishaka returns home and thinks she shall be with Mayura, as Omkar might call her. Mayura finds the trophies and Vishal’s name on it and also his pic. She thinks who is he? Just then the box falls down. Vishaka comes there hearing the noise and asks what is all this? Mayura says she has found these trophies and pictures. She says don’t know whose pic is this. She says this house is Omkar. Vishaka says this haveli is snatched by Omkar and says he had said that he had bought it. Mayura says yes. Mayura says whoever precious memories were this, shall keep them safely. Mayura wishes to return to its owner.

Vishaka says Omkar might not know about this and says the owners couldn’t take this stuff with them. She recalls knocking on the haveli asking Manjari to let her take her stuff. Mayura asks what are you thinking? Vishaka says your phone ringing. Mayura says I got Pandit ji’s call, as I want to keep puja for Tara. Vishaka asks her to talk. She looks at Vishal’s pic and tells that his sister will take revenge soon.

Omkar reaches home and tells Shankar that Mayura has stoop low and attacked him on his head, when he was about to reach Tara. Shankar is shocked.