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Popular Cryptocurrency, Floki to build State of Art School in Nigeria

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Floki partners with Tabitha Cumi Foundation to build a state-of-the-art school in Nigeria.

Flok, a new Elon Musk-inspired cryptocurrency widely regarded as the “people’s cryptocurrency,” partners with Tabitha Cumi Foundation to establish a state-of-the-art school in Niger State, Nigeria.

Floki sets itself apart from other cryptocurrencies not only because of its unique PlayToEarn NFT gaming metaverse but also because of its charitable projects, beneficial to everyday people in society. In its latest efforts, Floki would be building schools in all underdeveloped and developing countries worldwide, providing a much-needed solution to the gap in access to quality education. One of such schools is currently under construction in Ghana.

Nigeria, Guatemala, and Laos are the latest beneficiaries of Floki’s charitable initiative to have a school built in every underdeveloped nation.

Speaking on the state-of-the-art school to be built in Nigeria, Floki Core Team Member stated that, “Floki will be building a state-of-the-art school in Niger State, Nigeria. The Nigerian school will have six blocks of classrooms and a technical block fully equipped with a computer laboratory. The school will be fully furnished, have a gate house, and completely fenced.”

“FLOKI believes education is a basic human right, and in line with Nigeria’s status as the giant of Africa and the crypto hub of Africa, it deserves the very best when it comes to education facilities.”

“This school will be educating thousands of students who would never otherwise have access to education. We are excited to give back to society and to champion initiatives that have such great positive impact,” he said.

The new Elon Musk-inspired cryptocurrency Floki is developing fundamentals that position it as a force in the crypto space, such as its flagship utility project – a PlayToEarn NFT gaming metaverse named Valhalla, and its partnership with crypto e-commerce marketplaces, Shopping.io, and Crypto Cart, among others. Speaking about the initiative, Adetayo Erinle, Executive Director of Tabitha Cumi, said “with the support of FLOKI, Tabitha Cumi Foundation is delighted to announce the construction of a new school in Kuchiko Ija community, Niger State, Nigeria to provide quality education for 450 children, some of whom are currently out of school or going on long journeys daily to access basic education due to the dilapidated state on the classroom blocks in their community. These facilities will bring transformative change to the community, the children and other children living in nearby communities to contribute towards reducing the number of out of school children in Nigeria.”